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20 Pics That Prove the Beauty of the Older Generations Glows Like No Other

Some people are a treat to camera lenses because they shine brighter than ever in their presence. It’s especially great when these people are our ancestors. From a casual photo of your great-grandfather to a portrait of your grandma at her wedding, we get to travel back in time and see how charming and handsome our family members were.

Bright Side wants to take you on a trip down memory lane with pics that scream good looks and nostalgia.

1. “My mum posing on her first car in 1969 at age 17”

2. “This is my dad in the ’70s. No more luscious long hair but he’s still surfing.”

3. “My grandma on her wedding day, 1971”

4. “My mother made us matching dresses for a fancy party back in 1954.”

5. “My mom on her wedding day in 1951”

6. “Great-grandfather and his bike, circa 1910”

7. “Mom and dad in 1970 next to their $100 car”

8. “My mom and aunts playing dress up on the porch, 1950s.”

9. “My grandmother Georgina, circa 1945”

10. “My wife’s great-grandfather fresh off the boat from Denmark, 1920”

11. “My late grandfather after his first solo flight, circa 1949”

12. “My grandparents at the beach in the ’50s”

13. “My parents at a school dance in 1968”

14. “Great aunt, stunning and cool in the 1940s.”

15. “My girlfriend’s grandparents on their honeymoon in the summer of 1947”

16. “My dad took this photo of my mom on their first date. It’s from the mirror of their old car.”

17. " “My dad at age 17, taken in 1946”

18. “My aunt in 1969”

19. “My stunning mom, age 18, in rural Ukraine with a parachute pack on her back about to take her first jump.”

20. “I doubt I will ever be as cool as my uncle was at a wedding in 1990.”

What’s your favorite photo from your own trunk of memories? What’s the best story you’ve been told about an ancestor of yours? Come over to the comments so we can all have a big chat!

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