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5 Style Secrets From Princess Diana That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Much has been said and written about Princess Diana’s style, but she doesn’t stop surprising us even today. It turns out that she’s had a number of style secrets that few people know of, and some of them are quite unusual. For example, Diana used a special technique to blend her tiaras into her hair, had a collection of “cleavage bags” that protected her reputation, and seldom wore gloves (for a reason).

We at Bright Side carefully studied the photo archive of Princess Diana and found 5 interesting fashion tricks that made her style unique and unconventional for a royal person of her time.

She made her tiaras naturally blend into her hair.

Being a member of the British royal family, Princess Diana had to wear tiaras quite often. She came up with a clever solution that helped her make tiaras look natural on her head. She used ribbons in colors that matched the color of her hair and wrapped those ribbons around the bottom of her tiaras. You can clearly see how this trick worked in the picture above.

She used tights to spice up her royal looks.

Instead of choosing tights in neutral colors, Diana often wore tights that matched her outfits, which surely made them look more eye-catching. Diana also loved more risky designs. For example, she sometimes wore tights with thin vertical black lines in the back that ended with little playful ribbons just above her shoes.

She used clutch bags to cover her cleavage from paparazzi.

If you take a closer look at the photographs of Princess Diana attending events, you’ll notice that she often presses her clutch bags against her chest when getting out of cars. Being one of the most photographed people in the world, the Princess of Wales didn’t want any unflattering photos of her getting into newspapers and magazines. She used little bags to cover her cleavage when she was wearing low-cut dresses, and they even took on the name “cleavage bags.”

She almost never wore gloves.

The Princess of Wales often used her wardrobe to convey important messages and influence the way people perceived her. For example, she breached the royal protocol when she wasn’t wearing gloves while greeting people. She loved to exchange warmth and energy with people when holding and shaking their hands, so she abandoned gloves for more direct contact.

She was a real trendsetter when it came to wearing jewelry.

Princess Diana was a trendsetter in many aspects, including fashion. For example, the photograph above shows her wearing a ring on her pinky finger long before it became a trend.

Diana took fashion risks when she opted for an open-back velvet dress with voluminous sleeves for a movie premiere. But the spiciest part of that look was a long string of pearls going down her bare back. Since then we’ve seen many celebrities and fashion lovers repeat this trick.

The world started to go crazy about personalized necklaces after we saw Carrie Bradshaw wearing a necklace with the “Carrie” pendant on it. But Diana started this trend long before Carrie did when she wore a pendant with the letter D. This little piece of jewelry looked cheerful and playful on the princess’s neck.

Do you like Princess Diana’s style? Which of her looks is your favorite and why?

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