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8 Tricks That Help Royal Women Look Flawless in Any Situation

The female representatives of the British Royal Family receive the attention of millions. And they simply have no room for error. Even Meghan Markle, who officially renounced her royal title earlier this year, is no exception. Therefore, in order to always look flawless, the best half of the royal house uses some little tricks. Kate Middleton, for example, wears anti-slip tights with barely noticeable gel non-slip grips during formal events, while Meghan Markle prefers bodysuit tops over regular blouses.

At Bright Side, we sincerely admire the grace of the royal ladies and we learned about the tricks they use to always look flawless. At the end of the article, we’ll uncover the tricks used by the late Princess Diana, and why Queen Elizabeth II always wears gloves (and it has nothing to do with fashion).

A low bun during the daytime, and natural waves in the evening

A messy low bun is Meghan Markle’s favorite hairstyle. The bun goes well with hats and doesn’t distract attention from the Duchess’ outfits. But the main reason for the bun is that it can easily be transformed into a wavy style in the evening. She just needs to unwind it to get effortless, elegant waves. Additionally, hair gathered in a bun gets less damaged during the day.

A hairnet

Kate Middleton, unlike Meghan Markle, loves neat hairstyles. And to keep her hairdos in perfect shape throughout the day, she turns to a little trick. The future queen uses barely visible hairnets.

A bodysuit instead of a blouse

Meghan Markle prefers bodysuits over regular blouses and tops. They’re practical, they don’t wrinkle, and they make any look appear neat. But most importantly, with a bodysuit, Prince Harry’s wife doesn’t have to worry about her blouse coming loose.

Gel non-slip grips

According to the royal protocol, ladies can’t wear bare legs. Therefore, Kate Middleton always wears the finest nylon tights during official events. And to prevent her shoes from slipping off her feet, Catherine chooses anti-slip tights with special gel non-slip grips.

A toothbrush to tame flyaways

Flyaways and frizz worry many girls. But it seems like Meghan Markle has found a great solution. Prince Harry’s wife uses a toothbrush and regular hairspray to style the curly hair around her forehead. She once said, “For my flyaways, I spray hairspray on a small boar bristle toothbrush (a regular toothbrush also works great) to lightly brush them down or smooth the hairline — this is especially good for a sleek bun when I’m off-camera.”

A dress with a secret

Ladies of the Royal Family often appear in public wearing dresses made of lightweight fabric. To prevent the hem of their skirts from rising in strong winds, small weights are used, otherwise known as curtain weights. They say that the Queen herself loves this lifehack — weights are used in almost all of her outfits, from skirts to coats.

Underwear that increases static

Another royal way to combat clothing that flies up is underwear that increases static. This way, the fabric sticks to the body and accidental exposure in public is minimized.

Shoes that are one size too big

Meghan Markle always chooses shoes one or 2 sizes bigger than necessary. Bigger shoes help to avoid discomfort and blisters. To prevent your feet from slipping out of them, gel inserts and pads are used. They say that Meghan Markle adopted this lifehack from her former fellow actors. It’s no secret that this trick is used by many celebrities who have to wear high-heeled shoes for several hours.

Bonus #1: a hidden comb

No royal outfit can be complete without an elegant hat. To make sure these pieces never budge, especially the wider brimmed models, a special comb is attached to them. They say that Princess Diana often used this lifehack.

Bonus #2: the secret of the tiara

Another little secret of Princess Diana’s was the barely noticeable braid that she’d wrap around the base of her tiara. Many royals still use special elastic bands and soft headbands that follow the shape of their heads. These accessories help to fix precious jewelry on the head and avoid discomfort while wearing a heavy tiara for many hours. But Diana took the royal lifehack to a new level: she would have the base of the tiara wrapped in colored velvet that matched her hair— she had lighter colors and darker colors custom-matched so that they would blend in seamlessly.

Bonus #3: Queen Elizabeth II and her gloves

Gloves are an integral part of the Queen’s look. But for Elizabeth II, they are not just an accessory. They fulfill a very important practical function. During official receptions, the Queen has to shake hands with many people, so the gloves protect her hands from dirt and germs.

Do you have some similar life hacks? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below.