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9 Convincing Reasons Why Kate Middleton Is Always Best-Dressed

Kate Middleton’s fashion choices inspire many women around the world, and there are websites devoted to what the duchess wears for every occasion. Kate’s outfits are always elegant and spot-on, and many of us would love to learn the secrets of her style. As it turns out, Kate follows several simple but effective fashion principles that you can follow too if you’re a fan of her royal looks.

We at Bright Side “peeped” into Kate Middleton’s wardrobe to find out what makes her one of the best-dressed celebrities, and here’s our conclusion.

She pays tribute to local traditions.

When going on royal tours, the Duchess of Cambridge tries her best to show her respect to local culture and traditions. For example, during her visit to Canada in 2016, Kate chose outfits and accessories of red and white colors as a nod to the colors of the Canada flag.

The duchess also paired her red dress with a maple-leaf brooch that belongs to the royal family, and this fashion choice also hinted at the symbol of Canada.

Kate also used maple leaves in one of her outfits during her previous visit to Canada in 2011. Then, she paired her white dress with a bright red fascinator decorated with maple leaves.

In 2018, Kate attended the Irish Guards parade for St. Patrick’s Day. For this event, the duchess chose a deep green coat and accessorized it with a shamrock brooch and a bunch of shamrocks, showing her respect to the symbols of Ireland.

She highlights her features.

Kate Middleton loves to highlight her waist with all sorts of belts and tailored dresses that celebrate her slender figure. Kate also wears skirts with flattering hemlines that sit a bit lower or higher than her knees.

She is always dressed for the occasion.

The duchess picks her outfits according to where she is going to go and what she is going to do, and her looks are always spot on. The collage above shows Kate’s talent for always dressing for the occasion:

  • She chose a long teal dress with lace across her shoulders and back for the London Olympic gala concert.
  • She wore a coat, skinny jeans, snow boots, and a knit pom-pom hat when attending a hockey event in Sweden.
  • She donned a floral dress with a thin black belt and deep blue pumps when dropping off her children for their first day of elementary school.

She combines timeless classics from famous designers and mass-market items.

In her wardrobe, Kate effortlessly and elegantly combines fashion gems from her favorite designers, including Alexander McQueen and Jenny Packham, and mass-market clothes.

In 2011, Kate wore a blue pleated Zara dress during one of her first public appearances after marriage, which made this model very popular.

And in 2015, the duchess combined a fake crystal Zara necklace and a designer dress by Roland Mouret when attending a movie premiere.

She knows how to take fashion risks.

Being a member of the royal family, Kate needs to follow certain fashion rules. But even so, she likes to take fashion risks from time to time and wears something unusual for a duchess. These can be brightly colored head-to-toe looks, elegant dresses with thigh-high slits, or see-through fabrics that reveal a bit of Kate’s skin under her garments.

She often wears nude pumps that make her legs look longer.

This is a fashion trick from the duchess you can use in your everyday life. A pair of neutral beige shoes can make your legs appear longer and can match nearly every outfit. The Duchess of Cambridge obviously has no shortage of nude shoes in her collection.

She knows how to rock various prints.

Kate likes wearing prints and she surely knows how to do it right. Apart from timeless classics, like gentle floral prints, there are many bold patterns in her collection. From eye-catching red and white Chanel-inspired “goose footprints” to wild leopard, it seems that the duchess can wear any print you can imagine and look gorgeous.

She wears tailored coats like dresses.

Coat dresses have truly become one of Kate’s signature style features. When the weather is cold outside, the duchess puts on her famous tailored coats that hug her slender figure and look like dresses. Kate has a lot of them in her wardrobe and sometimes it’s hard to guess what she is actually wearing, a coat or a dress.

She repeats her own outfits that worked best.

With all the outfits she’s donned over the past decade, the Duchess of Cambridge has proven that you don’t have to have a new dress for every single occasion to look stunning. Kate repeated her looks dozens of times, and she always looked elegant and fresh. How does she do it? When wearing her old outfits again and again, Kate tweaks some tiny details that make them look new. She can choose different accessories or ask her stylists to add or remove parts of the garments to make them look different.

What do you think of Kate Middleton’s style? Which of her outfits are your favorite and why?

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