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A 9-Year-Old Went Viral on TikTok by Making Unique Outfits That Even Fashion Designers Admire

Kaia Aragon from Colorado started designing her own dresses back in November 2021. She has made 35-40 outfits so far, with her favorite being a hand-painted dress she made, along with her aerial silk outfit. When she grows up, her dream is to become a fashion designer, but along with designing, she also loves aerial arts and takes classes for aerial silks and hoops.

We at Bright Side love seeing mini-humans pursuing their dreams and aspirations, and we can’t help but stare in awe of so much cuteness and determination.

Kaia’s outfits make her really confident and brave.

Kaia has been receiving a lot of encouragement not only from her loved ones but also fashion designers! Fashion editor and director Vera Wang has even sent Kaia a handwritten note, wishing her good luck and telling her to keep pursuing her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Kaia’s first design was a cat bed back in November, but she quickly moved on to create her own fits. “I like that depending on what you’re wearing, it can make you feel confident and brave.”

She always had a fascination for style and loves to mix and match her accessories and designs.

Last Christmas, Kaia’s dream came true when she received a dress form as one of her presents. It took her one hour after that to come out with her own designed dress. Her mother, Tonya, was surprised because she thought that Kaia only wanted it for decoration. However, she immediately went into her room, draped a piece of scrap fabric, hand-sewed it, and came out wearing a new dress!

Ever since she was little, Kaia always had a passion for style. “She would always go over the top with accessories, and she would mix and match things that didn’t make sense to me but would make sense after she put it on,” said her mom.

Kaia even wants her friends and siblings to join her future company.

Even though Kaia has a big team helping her create the dresses, she makes them mostly on her own. Her dream is to start a fashion company with all her friends and siblings. “My friends and my big sister would be the designers because that’s what we want to do, and then my brother said he would do hair for our business.”

Although this is her true passion, she is driven to expand her horizons and undergo a variety of experiences.

One of the most important things in life is to do what makes you truly happy, and designing dresses surely makes Kaia cheery and glowing. Of course, given her age, she might come across other dreams and opportunities along her journey. Kaia is driven to explore many different things that she loves to do. But for now, she says she’s just having fun.

“Right now, I’m just doing this for fun.”

Do you see yourself wearing this future designer’s outfits? Which one is your favorite?

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