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A Couple Found an Abandoned Baby on the Subway and He Changed Their Lives Forever

There are many ways to become a parent, but one of the most unexpected ones has to be by finding an abandoned baby. And that’s just what happened to Peter and Danny during one faithful subway ride in New York. And their story reminds us that if it’s meant to be, the universe will find a way.

We at Bright Side fell head-over-heels in love with this extraordinary story about how 2 fathers became parents in the most unusual way possible, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

A New York subway ride changed Peter and David’s lives forever.

It was August 28th, 2000. Around 10 PM, Danny Stewart happened to find himself at the subway station at 14th Street and 8th Avenue in New York City. He was running late for a dinner date with his partner Peter Mercurio, whom he called from a payphone. Peter was expecting an excuse from his partner for being late for dinner, but what he didn’t expect was Dave saying: “I found a baby!”

David found the baby boy on the floor against a wall, and was puzzled as to why would anyone leave a child there. After realizing the baby was abandoned, David called the police and told them that he found a baby. And right when David called Pete to tell him about it, the police showed up, and their lives would never be the same again.

The baby was well and was placed in the foster care system.

After the police arrived, they took the baby to a hospital for a check-up, and after Danny gave a statement, they went on with their lives. The baby was in good health and he was placed in a pre-adoptive foster care system.

However, after 6 weeks, Danny received a call from the Administration For Children’s Services and was invited to attend a family court hearing to testify about how he found the baby. After giving his testimony, the judge asked Danny to stay for the entire hearing. Danny agreed, and after the police gave their testimony, the judge asked Danny out of the blue: “Would you be interested in adopting this baby?”

They were hesitant about adopting the baby.

Even though Danny responded “Yes,” to the judge, the decision to adopt a baby with his partner did take a toll on their relationship. They didn’t have much money, they lived with a roommate, and they had very little space in their apartment. All of this made them wonder if adopting the baby would be the right choice.

Even though neither of them was prepared for the prospect of parenthood, after visiting the baby in the foster home, they immediately bonded and it was then that they realized they could really do this. After that, the adoption process started and they started getting ready to welcome the baby boy into their lives.

Peter and Danny had to make a difficult life-changing decision.

Danny and Pete were afraid that the process of adopting the baby would be complicated, however, the judge reassured them that it wouldn’t be that difficult. And it wasn’t very long after that, that Pete and Danny got the chance to welcome the baby into their home.

On December 20th they attended another court hearing to state their intention to adopt the baby, and the same judge asked them if they’d like to have the baby at home for the holidays. Pete and Danny were stunned, as they didn’t expect everything to happen so soon, but on December 22nd, they picked up Kevin from the foster care agency.

They wrote a book called Our Subway Baby.

Inspired by how the baby miraculously entered their lives, Peter made a children’s picture book titled Our Subway Baby with the story of Kevin’s discovery. And Danny and Pete shared how they would read the story every night before bedtime.

Kevin wasn’t aware that the story was about him until he got bigger, but once he did, he was very proud of it and took the book to school to show it to his peers.

Kevin is now a 20-year-old college student.

Today, Kevin is a 20-year-old student studying computer science and mathematics. He is over 6 feet tall, taller than both of his dads, and he enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and running marathons. Kevin has also taught himself guitar and piano, and according to his parents, he is kind and very empathetic.

The family loves spending time in nature, visiting national parks, and taking part in various outdoor activities.

Do you think it was destiny that placed Danny in that exact spot to find little baby Kevin? What would you do if you were in their shoes?

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