A Taiwanese Grocer Installed a Clear Ceiling to Keep an Eye on His Cats and Got Unexpected Results

When cats get bored, they might choose unexpected or even unpleasant ways to entertain themselves. For example, they can start playing with everything that comes near their paws and end up leaving the whole space in a total mess. In this case, their owners have to look for a solution as quickly as possible, and sometimes it results in something very witty.

Bright Side came across the owner of 2 cats, who found a hilarious way to always be around his fluffy friends. We can’t wait to tell you this story!

These felines know how to leave their owner speechless.

A store owner from New Taipei City in Taiwan has 2 cats who miss their human a little bit too much while he is away. If he doesn’t return home on time and feed them, they don’t hesitate to show him how frustrated they feel. In particular, the cats turn his house into a total mess.

They also know how to have fun.

His store is situated on the first floor of a building, and his home is right above it, on the second floor. While bored one day, his cats found their way into the area in between the 2 levels and they turned the place into their play area. Sometimes they even made enough noise for the shop visitors to hear everything through the ceiling.

Luckily, their owner is not afraid of experimenting.

The owner’s approach to solving this problem was genius and hilarious at the same time — clear ceiling tiles. Now the cats can sit and observe everyone from the top-down and be entertained the whole time. Their human can also spend a little bit more time with them, and it seems like his precious felines like this idea too.

They are not the only ones who find this situation entertaining.

The store visitors are very amused by the view of the cat’s bellies and even called the whole setting a “Cat-Vision Camera.” It seems like allowing the cats to stay might have a positive impact on the store too, as it’s bringing a lot of attention to it!

How do you entertain your pets? Let’s discuss it down in the comment section!

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