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A Teenage Girl From Russia Saves a Homeless Man, and Her Kindness Inspires Thousands of Internet Users

Every day we hear heartbreaking and shocking stories that leave us feeling sad and devastated. No wonder why some people think that kindness is just a relic of the past. However, there are still some good people in the world, and they make it a little bit brighter every day. One of these people is Violetta, and she sets an example for all of us.

At Bright Side, we truly believe that the world is full of kind people and their stories deserve to be heard.

This is Violetta.

Violetta Nikolskaya is from Perm, Russia. She is 18 years old, and she’s just graduated from high school. Violetta wants to be a physical education teacher.

This is Anatoly.

Anatoly was just an ordinary working-class man who lived in a cozy apartment with his mother and wife. His mother passed away, and in 2004 so did his wife. After these tragic events, Anatoly’s nephew moved in with him, but very soon he put his uncle on the street with no help or support. The nephew told Anatoly that he met a nice girl and he wanted to start a family with her, so they didn’t have any room for him.

For 3 years, Anatoly has been living in a very old and badly maintained hut because it was the only place he could afford to rent with his pension. But this building became a target for demolition, and the old man ended up on the street once again.

How they met

In July 2018, Anatoly had a stroke. Some stranger saw him lying in the bushes and called an ambulance. After a 7-day treatment, doctors said that he was ready to leave the hospital. Anatoly told them that he had no place to go, but in response, he heard, “It’s not our problem.”

Later that day, Violetta was walking with her friends when she spotted Anatoly sitting all alone outside the house next door. She came to him and started a conversation. The man told the girl his life story.

“Is there a reason for me to live at all?”

The day Anatoly met Violetta he was thinking, “Is there a reason for me to live at all?” He was desperate and had no hope for the future. Whether it was destiny or just a happy coincidence, that day changed both of their lives forever.

Violetta was deeply touched by this old man’s story, and she immediately wrote a post on Instagram asking for people’s help. With the help of thousands of Internet users, Violetta rented an apartment for Anatoly and bought him everything he needed including new clothes, food, medications, a smartphone, etc.

It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning.

Now Anatoly lives in a warm and clean apartment and Violetta visits him almost every day. She understands that it’s a life-long commitment, but she is excited to take care of who she calls, “Uncle Tolya”. They are planning to undergo a full medical examination to make sure that Anatoly’s health is good. Violetta is also helping Anatoly to renew his pension.

Anatoly is very optimistic about his future now, and he is beyond grateful to Violetta for what she did for him. As soon as he fully recovers from the stroke, Anatoly wants to take Violetta on a small trip or go fishing.

Not every adult would do what Violetta did for a complete stranger. Her pure heart and infinite kindness give us hope that the world is full of amazing and caring people. We all can learn a lot from this teenage girl.

When was the last time you’ve helped a stranger in need? Do you have any more inspirational stories to tell us? Let us know in the comments below!

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