From Blush to Fuchsia: 25+ Outfits That Prove Princess Diana Was in Love With the Color Pink

Blush, cotton candy, rose, cerise, crimson — there are so many hues of pink in the color palette. And almost all of them were present in Princess Diana’s wardrobe. Pink was definitely one of her favorite colors, and she wore it both at home and in public in a very skillful and mighty way.

We at Bright Side dove into the archives with Lady Di’s photos and got surprised at how often she appeared in public wearing pink. So we selected her brightest outfits for this article.

Lady Diana sitting on a step at her home wearing a dark pink sweater and checkered pink and white pants, 1986

Princess Diana In Argentina in a blush-colored official suit, 1995

Princess of Wales attends the Sunshine Coach Lunch in London wearing a polka dot dress decorated with a stylish pink hat.

Diana during her visit to Italy in 1985, wearing a dress by Donald Campbell

Princess of Wales, wearing a beaded evening gown with a pink chiffon sarong-style detail, attends a dinner hosted by Pakistani president, 1991

Diana, wearing a pink velvet evening gown designed by Catherine Walker, attend a dinner at the Breakers Hotel in the USA, 1985

Diana, Princess of Wales, wearing a pink wool suit with a matching hat and navy blue gloves, attends the Order of the Garter ceremony at Windsor Castle, 1993

Princess of Wales, wearing a red and purple chiffon evening dress, attends a performance of Aida in London, 1988

Lady Diana, wearing a pink dress designed by Victor Edelstein, at one of the events during her tour in Australia, 1983

Diana, Princess of Wales wearing a cotton candy pink suit at the arrival of Queen Beatrix of Holland, in 1982

The Princess of Wales, wearing an official color suit and a matching hat, stands next to her husband during a function held in their honor. 1987, Germany

Even in her official photo, Diana is wearing pink, 1987

Diana arriving in Kuwait during her tour of The Gulf States wearing a pink-red dress designed by Catherine Walker

Diana pregnant with Prince William watches Prince Charles playing polo, 1982

Princess Diana prepares for her address at a gala benefit for victims of land mines at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, 1997

Diana and Prince Charles meeting American singer Barry Manilow, 1983

Princess Diana during their tour in Australia wearing another pale pink dress, 1983

She wore the same suit during her visit to Sicily in 1985, having only changed the hat.

Diana, wearing a crimson coat and pink chemise, gives a cheery wave as she arrives to open the Markfield Project Indoor Centre in London, in 1986.

Diana in Italy wearing a metallic pink dress with a hat in almost the same color, 1985

Princess Diana in 1986 wearing a long tender blush-pink dress decorated with metallic circles

Diana in Austria in a fuchsia color coat, 1986

Diana visits the Chelsea Flower Show in 1989. The Princess told exhibitors, “I cannot grow them and I cannot pronounce their names either.” She also said she loved them, but flowers and plants were her husband’s department.

The Princess leaving the Church of the Sepulchre wearing a nice pink suit with a floral print, 1989

Diana during her visit to Pakistan wearing a tender pink suit with blue edging, 1991

Diana arrives to open the new Children’s Ambulatory Care Centre, 1997

Princess Diana inspecting the troops at Howe Barracks in Canterbury in the same blush-colored suit she wore in Argentina, 1995

Do you have a lot of pink outfits in your closet?

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