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How the Cast of “Melrose Place” Has Changed Since We First Watched the Show

It may be hard to believe, but almost 30 years have passed since we saw the first episodes of Melrose Place, a TV drama that instantly won the hearts of thousands. Josie Bissett, Marcia Cross, Heather Locklear, Andrew Shue, and many others — the show had a wonderful cast of talented actors who became world-famous stars and struck poses for top pop culture magazines.

Here at Bright Side, we had a strong feeling of nostalgia when we were making these before and after collages of our favorite heroes from Melrose Place, and we bet you’ll want to re-watch at least a couple of episodes when you see them!

Andrew Shue (Billy Campbell)

Heather Locklear (Amanda Woodward)

Josie Bissett (Jane Mancini)

Thomas Calabro (Michael Mancini)

Marcia Cross (Kimberly Shaw)

Courtney Thorne-Smith (Alison Parker)

Doug Savant (Matt Fielding)

Laura Leighton (Sydney Andrews)

Daphne Zuniga (Jo Reynolds)

Grant Show (Jake Hanson)

Kelly Rutherford (Megan Lewis Mancini)

Lisa Rinna (Taylor McBride)

Kristin Davis (Brooke Armstrong)

And here are some pictures from the cast reunion in November of 2019:

Did you watch Melrose Place back in the ‘90s? Who was your favorite character and why? Let’s discuss this and other popular TV shows of our youth in the comments!