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Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn Celebrated 37 Years of Being Together, and Here Are 10 Things That Prove Their Love Is Real

Every couple is looking to discover the secret to a perfect marriage, and it looks like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have figured out the coveted formula. The couple has been together since 1983, and although they’ve never gotten married, we can’t think of anyone else more in love than these 2.

We at Bright Side are rushing to celebrate Kurt and Goldie’s love and go over all the reasons why they are one of our favorite Hollywood couples.

1. They’ve had eyes for each other since the first moment.

Believe it or not, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell met in 1966, which is 17 years before they started dating. At the time, he was 16 and she was 21. The actress revealed years later that she immediately liked Russell, but of course nothing could happen back then.

In 1983, they reunited, and the actor was blown away by Goldie’s figure, right off the bat. The first thing he did after not seeing her for almost 2 decades was compliment her, which Hawn very much liked. The attraction was instant and they started dating immediately.

2. They relive their early romance with the movies they’ve made together.

4 years into their relationship, Kurt and Goldie starred in Overboard, a classic rom-com which benefited greatly from their chemistry. Hawn says the movie gives them an opportunity to relive their early years and brings back the romantic spark, when needed:

“You know how sometimes you forget why you fell in love? I remembered everything, and why I fell in love. It was really something to be able to watch that.”

3. They accepted each other’s kids in a heartbeat.

When Hawn and Russell first started going out, both of them were already parents. Goldie had 2 kids from her second marriage: Oliver and Kate. And Kurt had a son, Boston, from his first wife. The 2 families fit together like a puzzle and once their mutual son, Wyatt Russell, was born, they became a big and happy family unit.

4. Their secret is to give each other space from time to time.

The perks of being together for so long is knowing what your relationship needs to keep you both happy, and sometimes this means spending time apart. Hawn once revealed that she and Russell spend about “68% of their time together” because, in their opinion, this is the sign of a healthy relationship. And it looks like it’s working perfectly!

5. For Goldie, Kurt is the perfect man.

Goldie often sings praises to her man and seemingly can’t believe how lucky she is. He’s attractive, he makes her laugh, and what melts her heart the most is how great he is with children. Whenever they’re talking about each other, it’s clear they both feel very lucky.

6. Kurt Russell is closer with Goldie’s kids than their own father.

When Goldie and Kurt started dating, the father of her children, Bill Hudson, was already out of the picture, so Russell essentially raised both Kate and Oliver. According to Hawn, he was a natural at getting along with them, which earned him the father status in their eyes. Kate and Oliver Hudson openly consider Russell their father and call him “Pa.”

7. Even after over 3 decades, they still have fun together.

This couple works hard on keeping things interesting for themselves and doesn’t settle on sitting around the house and watching TV. They have many hobbies, including hiking, biking, and going wine tasting. Kurt and Goldie also still do movie projects, which keeps them, as well as us, entertained.

8. They’ve experienced everything that life has to offer together.

Kurt Russell once said that after nearly 4 decades together, they’ve gone through all the experiences and emotions that couples can possibly go through. They’ve been through triumphs and disappointments, raised 4 children, and are now enjoying their life to the fullest. That kind of connection is hard to beat.

9. Their big family is a product of their love.

The greatest proof of what great parents Goldie and Kurt are, is their united family. They managed to bring their children from past marriages and make them feel like true siblings. Kate, Oliver, Boston, and Wyatt are very close and often pop up on each other’s social media. In addition to their children, Hawn and Russell are also grandparents to 6 grandkids, and love each and every one of them to pieces.

Wyatt is the only one who hasn’t had children yet, so Kurt and Goldie have more grandchildren to look forward to in the future.

10. Kurt and Goldie don’t need a label to stay in love.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are one of the few celebrity couples who’ve been together for so long and still remain unmarried. Goldie once explained that they never needed that label and believe there’s something psychologically freeing about not tying the knot. She and Russell decided long ago that they wanted to be together and that’s all they need.

How do you feel about the fact that Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have never gotten married?

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