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10 Celebrities Came to Reddit So Fans Could Ask Them Anything, and They Didn’t Hold Back When Giving the Wittiest Answers

Picture this scenario: you’re out on the street and the person walking in your direction is an A-list celebrity. You get 3 wishes or, in this case, questions, what would you ask them? Though not exactly the same, this is now possible. Reddit has become that magic genie and wants to grant you your wish through a round of ’Ask Me Anything’.

At Bright Side, we’ve spent hours scrolling through the most unexpected questions and answers to gather the wittiest ones for your delight.

1. Robert Downey Jr.

“If you were a pizza, what kind of toppings would you have?”

  • “I’ve been waiting for this question.
    Extra cheese.

How is it that your facial hair is always on point?”

  • “Excellent question. It started with the first Iron Man: a guy named Pedro from Shave of Beverly Hills. I mean, this guy’s an artist. He’s like the Edward Scissorhands of mustaches and beards. And then, once you set a standard, it’s all about upkeep and modulating it. It tends to be a lot of work, but I’m glad you appreciate it.”

2. Chris Pratt

“Since you and Jennifer Lawrence have a pretty similar sense of humor, what’s one of the funniest moments when filming the movie?”

  • “We were sitting in our chairs waiting for the next shot and a big set light bulb exploded nearby, and she screamed. High-pitched. Very feminine. Then she immediately looked over at me and said, ‘You scream like a woman! Did everyone just hear Chris?,’ and for the rest of the shoot, I couldn’t convince anyone it wasn’t me. I just had to own it.”

“15 years ago, you were living in your van on a beach in Hawaii, jobless. Do you ever miss anything about those days?”

  • “That was such an amazing time in my life. There are elements I miss. Perhaps, most of all, uncertainty.”

3. Nicolas Cage

“If only 3 of your films could be preserved for posterity, which 3 would you choose?”

“What has been your most challenging role to get into character each day to film?”

  • “I would say that Nick Cage in Massive Talent was the most challenging role I had to get into character for because I had the added component of trying to protect a person named Nick Cage, and also facilitating the director’s absurdist vision of so-called Nick Cage, and it was a highwire act every day.”

4. Gordon Ramsay

“Is there any food that you won’t even try?”

  • “I think, being a chef, the first thing that I set out to do was to make sure that I almost got to taste every ingredient anywhere in the world. I wanted to learn so much about ingredients that I’d never know what NOT to do with an ingredient. So I’m an open book. Whether it’s a beating cobra heart from a snake in Cambodia, a deep-fried tarantula, or a Beef Wellington, I’ll eat absolutely anything. The only thing I draw the line at is eating overcooked food. There is NOTHING worse than an overcooked brussels sprout. The smell is disgusting.

“How do you like your eggs?”

  • “I have to say scrambled, over a slice of sourdough bread that has been grilled, and then sort of doused with Worcestershire sauce. And the nice thing about scrambled eggs is that they don’t have to just be breakfast—you can have them in the evening, with some nice mushrooms, some tomatoes. You can have them as a snack at midnight, or at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.”

5. David Tennant

“Your role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: what was it like being in such a big franchise, and do you have any fond memories of being on set?”

  • “I wasn’t on Harry Potter for all that long. I think I did 10 days or so over a year, so I always felt a bit like a visitor. But it was great to be part of something so extraordinary. They only gave me a little chair though, so when everyone was sitting around Maggie Smith and Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman and Daniel Radcliffe all towered over me in these fancy cast chairs. Still, a pleasure to be there, though.”

“You once said that you ’love characters who are clever and smart, and you have to run to catch up with.’ Who would you say is the biggest reflection of this?”

  • “Well, The Doctor is pretty smart. So is Hamlet. Crowley in Good Omens too. Anyone who is wittier than me... which is most characters in the end.”

6. Matt Damon

“What is the best advice you’ve been given?”

  • “When I was younger, everybody told me not to be an actor, and to this day I say that to people who come up to me and say, ’I’m thinking of going into acting, what do you think?’ I say, ’Absolutely not, it’s a terrible idea, don’t do it.’ I think that if you’re gonna make it in this business that is so full of rejection and hardship, you need to believe in yourself, despite what everybody you love and trust tells you.”

“Are there any skills or trades that you learned while preparing for your early roles that you can still do well today?”

  • “The thing about acting is often time what happens is you end up being a jack of all trades and a master of none. So I’ve had to learn things for the Bourne films, for instance, like being upside down underwater in a car. I went to a swimming pool and practiced being at the bottom with a scuba tank, getting my air taken away, and tying shoes and doing small menial activities without my air in order to be comfortable underwater, so I could shoot that scene.”

7. Rowan Atkinson

“What project do you feel has been most rewarding to you over the years?”

  • “Most rewarding...financially (if I’m being honest) Mr. Bean. And perhaps creatively rewarding as well. Because I find him a fascinating character, being essentially a child trapped in a man’s body. And it’s always fun to be childish!”

“Are you anytime bored with making others laugh?”

  • Bored is not the word. But I do find the responsibility of acting funny... trying to make comedy on screen, etc. very taxing. Which is normally why I have long breaks in-between projects.”

8. Daniel Radcliffe

“What was the best prank you pulled on the HP set?”

  • “I should probably talk about the one that was pulled on ME. In the 3rd film, there’s a shot of all the kids sleeping in the great hall, and the camera starts very wide and comes in so that it’s an inch from my face. Alan Rickman decided he would plant one of those fart machines in my sleeping bag, and they waited until like the camera had come in for this huge DRAMATIC developing shot, and then unleashed this tremendous noise in the great hall.”

“Who’s at your dream dinner party?”

  • Probably John Lennon, cuz that’d be awesome, and Tom Lehrer, who’s a comic songwriter whom I’m obsessed with. And what’s an all-time dinner fantasy party without Einstein? So Einstein, yeah! And probably Keith Richards to liven everything up.”

9. Channing Tatum

“Why did you name your daughter Everly?”

  • “The simple story is my wife was driving down the street one day and heard it in her head. So, happy wife, happy life.”

“What is your favorite thing to do when you’re having a bad day?”

  • “Oh, man. I love Pinterest. Just to not think about all I have to do or what’s going wrong, I just go and look at Pinterest. Or Flipboard.”

10. Keanu Reeves

“What is your favorite childhood memory?”

  • “My favorite childhood memory... being born! Childhood memory... In the summers, when the school was out, we would build go-karts, and then just ride ’em down the hills until the wheels fell off. That was a good day.”

“Who’s the biggest movie star that you’re friends with?”

  • “The biggest movie star I’m friends with would be... Sandra Bullock! Yeah, through the years we kinda get together, have dinner, catch up, see how it’s going.”

Imagine you bumped into your favorite star on the street—what would you like to ask them?

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