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Sean Connery Has Been Together With His Wife for More Than 40 Years, and for Him She’s Still the Love of His Life

In a world where marriage is not as common as it used to be, seeing a couple that has been together for 40 years and who still love and believe in each other is almost a miracle. That is the case with Sean Connery and Micheline Roquebrune Connery, also known as Mr. and Mrs. Bond. They’ve faced a lot of trouble and their story is not quite like a movie script.

The Bright Side team has a soft spot for love, so we’re bringing you this amazing story about a couple who’ve been married for 40 years, and who are still in love with each other.

How it all began

Sean and Micheline first met back in 1970 in Morocco. Their story began at a golf tournament dinner, but it was nothing like the movies told us it would be like. They felt a connection, at the time both of them were divorced from previous marriages.

Micheline had been previously divorced, while Sean was in the process of getting out of his first marriage. The night they met, she dreamt about him and when she woke up from her dream, she thought “at last, peace” because he made her feel peaceful. Then, she knew he was someone special, so she went back to the golf tournament the next morning and there he was.

Things started to get complicated.

But their story is very different from a fairytale and, at this point, they were still pretty far away from their happy ending moment. It was hard for them to see each other, since they were living in different places. According to Sean: “In the early days it was difficult for us to see each other. She was
still living in North Africa with her children”.

The language barrier was no problem, even though he didn’t speak French and she barely knew any English. But love conquers all, and they learned to communicate in their own way, especially through body language. At the time they couldn’t see each other much, she was living in North Africa, while Sean was in Hollywood, but that didn’t stop them from trying to be together.

Their happily ever after

They have been together for over 40 years now, and still share the same passions in life. Golf being a part of their story, since they met in a tournament, and it still plays an important role in their lives and relationship. “Micheline is an amazing woman. She is the love of my life”, said Sean.

Until this day, the couple has been known for going on dates and proudly saying that they found true love and that they are with the love of their lives. This is something that not a lot of people can say.

A love story like that just touches our hearts. Are you married or do you know someone that has been married for a long time? Tell us the story in the comments!

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