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The Story of the World’s Smallest Married Couple Who Prove Nothing Can Beat Big Love

Size doesn’t matter, and this happily married couple is a perfect example of this. Brazilians Paulo and Katyucia, combined, have approximately 180 cm (70.9 in) of height, for which they were listed in The Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest married couple in the world. The couple gained worldwide fame for this, but their love story also deserves some attention.

Here at Bright Side, we’re deeply convinced that love is all we need, so when we hear a truly touching love story, we just can’t help but want to share it with you.

The family became world record holders.

Paulo is 90 cm (35.4 in) tall and his wife Katyucia is only 1 cm (0,4 in) taller than her husband — and in 2016 they became world record holders right after their wedding.

The woman shares that even though they’re a little shorter than the average person, their hearts are big and their love for each other and for everybody in their lives is strong, so life’s challenges seem much less serious as they can tackle them together.

The story began online.

The young couple met each other on a social media platform. At first, they texted for some time, then there was their first offline date, first kiss, and in a few years, they became husband and wife! But nothing was as simple as it seems.

Though Katusia blocked him on social media for 18 months, Paulo managed to eventually conquer her heart.

Paolo shares that for him, it was love at first sight and that since then, he never doubted his feelings for her. However, Katusia admits that at first, she found him very boring and annoying, and even blocked him because of his “cheap pick-up lines.” Paolo eventually won her over, explaining that he simply wanted to be nice and polite by giving her compliments.

That would’ve been the end of the story, but Katyucia decided to unblock him 18 months later.

That’s when they started chatting constantly online and shortly after they met in person in 2008, they started dating despite living in different cities. They had a long-distance relationship for some time, but after realizing they were meant to be together, Katyucia moved from her hometown of Londrina to Paulo’s in Itapeva.

By the time Paolo made an official proposal in a restaurant in front of their friends, they had been dating for 8 whole years. Nevertheless, for Katyucia, this was still a big surprise — she even checked if her beloved had a fever as a joke. When she was convinced that this was serious and that Paolo meant every word, she immediately agreed.

The couple confesses that their unique companionship gives them ultimate strength.

Katyucia shares that apart from their height, they’re just an ordinary couple — sometimes they argue and fight. The woman admits that she has a complicated temper, but Paolo is very calm and understanding. Katyucia explained in an interview that the most important and wonderful thing is that their feelings, thoughts, and dreams coincide.

Paolo confessed that he greatly cherishes their unique companionship and Katyucia’s support in everything, calling her his little warrior.

Paulo, being a civil servant for his local government, and Katyucia, a beauty salon owner, get tons of attention for their height, and not all of it is positive. But the couple shares that their marriage gives them ultimate strength and that their love is bigger than any hate.

What other inspirational couples do you know? We’d be happy to hear from you in the comment section below!

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