What 15 Celebrities Looked Like Before They Decided to Zhoosh Up Their Image

We all want to look our best, so you can imagine how celebs must feel when all eyes are on them. Some of them want a total makeover using plastic surgery and fillers, while others simply opt for growing a beard or changing their hair color. No matter what they choose to do, we respect their choices, and as long as they feel comfortable in their own bodies, they’ve got our support.

We at Bright Side love to take look at some of our favorite celebs every so often and see what they’ve changed over the years, so take a seat and join in on the fun.

1. Cindy Crawford

2. Jessica Simpson

3. Jenny McCarthy

4. Jamie Lee Curtis

5. Jane Fonda

6. Meg Ryan

7. Jude Law

8. Ursula Andress

9. Lana Del Rey

10. Simon Cowell

11. Geena Davis

12. Lisa Rinna

13. Demi Moore

14. Megan Fox

15. Steven Tyler

Which celeb do you think got better with age? Would you ever use plastic surgery to zhoosh up your look? If so, what would you consider getting done first?

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