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You Can Now Stay in Bubble Rooms in the Forest Among Rescued Elephants

You Can Now Stay in Bubble Rooms in the Forest Among Rescued Elephants

If you love elephants as much as we do, there’s a way you can get to know them like never before. A hotel has created a unique bio space where guests can experience living in the wild among giant elephants safely without worries.

We at Bright Side think the hotel experience sounds magical and would love to share its details with our readers.

The hotel is situated in the best possible location.

Known as Anantara Golden Triangle, this elephant resort is located across 160 acres in Thailand. It is perfect for seeking relaxation and is a treat for nature lovers who despise the noise of busy cities.

Stay in “bubble rooms” as elephants walk by.

While there are luxurious suites available here, the Jungle Bubbles are easily the most unique lodging option at the hotel. Fully furnished with a bedroom and AC, the transparent bubbles are located right in the middle of the jungle, allowing guests to admire the elephants as closely as possible. The starry sky at night is a bonus! For a couple, a night at Jungle Bubbles is 17,700 Thai baht which equates to around $570 US dollars.

Dine with the giants.

The elephant camp offers you the chance to enjoy dinner with the giant creatures too. Upon request, guests can enjoy personalized meals while looking at the elephants in the bamboo forests or at the verdant rice paddies.

Interact with the elephants and play with them.

An estimated 100 elephants are killed each day for ivory and meat by poachers. The number of elephants has dropped by 62% over the last decade. The hotel rescues young elephants and gives people a chance to learn about their habits and get to know them. Other than that, guests can also take elephants on walks with their mahouts or watch them play in the river or socialize with other elephants.

And there’s even more to do here!

Other than enjoying a dinner basket, a fully stocked mini-bar, 24-hour room service in your bubble, and friendly elephants around you, Anantara Elephant Camp offers classes at a Thai cooking school, a boat ride, and visits to small markets in Laos. In other words, the next best tourist spot you were looking for is right here.

Would you like to visit this hotel? What’s your favorite vacay spot? Tell us about your most memorable trip and share some photos with us!

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