The Photo That Spooks You the Most Can Reveal Unexpected Sides of Your Personality

American writer and mythologist Joseph Campbell once said, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Being an outstanding thinker interested in all aspects of human existence, Cambell kept developing and promoting the idea of “finding one’s true happiness.” But, unfortunately, this philosophy can’t be applied to most modern people because they’re often afraid to follow their passion, to take risks, and to make global changes. This test will help you learn more about your true wishes and fears and get you one step closer to finding true happiness.

Bright Side has prepared a test that will reveal your fears, passions, and wishes. Get ready to learn something new about yourself.

Choose the place that you fear to enter the most.

Here are the results:


If you are afraid to enter the ice cave, it means you are seeking emotional warmth. Despite the fact that everything in your life suits you, you accept everything that you have, have a good understanding of who you are, and you don’t experience anxiety about something going wrong, you are still afraid of feelings like loneliness, disappointment, and sadness.

The treasure you are searching for in this ice cave is love. Perhaps you think that you don’t need a relationship to feel happy, but you’ll realize how much you were missing once you find the right person. If you’re already in a romantic relationship, then you’re looking for another type of love. Perhaps it’s time for you to visit a local animal shelter and meet your new fluffy friend.


If you get chills looking at this creepy tunnel, it means you need to start an emotional journey. The murky water in this tunnel symbolizes the darkness in your mind and it means that it needs cleansing. You need to get rid of all the gloomy thoughts in order to see your way clearer.

The treasure you are seeking in this tunnel is self-confidence. Try sharing your current issues verbally, even though it can be quite a difficult task. Keep in mind that there is always light at the end of even the darkest tunnel.


The thought of going into this well is terrible. You have no idea what is waiting for you at the bottom and how you are going to get out of the well. This picture symbolizes boredom. You are stuck and you’re waiting for someone to come and save you. This situation might seem appealing to those people who like to be alone and contemplate the meaning of life, but not to you.

The treasure you are searching for is a journey. You want to spend as much time as possible outside, learn new things, and enjoy your life. So why don’t you start your new trip right away?


Does this burrow scare you? It’s because you fear what you may find. You can be the person who feels comfortable around your family and at work but you must be sure of what you want in life. The subsoil symbolizes the parts of ourselves that we aspire to embrace.

It’s time for you to take a chance and learn what’s out there.

The treasure you are looking for is the meaning of life. You may find things that will seem strange to you once you enter this rabbit hole but knowing how you feel about them will allow you to be one step closer to what will really make you happy.


If you are scared to enter this abandoned building, it means you are a strong and smart person with analytical thinking skills. You accept life as it is and you have high moral principles and expect the same from your surroundings. The bricks in the picture symbolize your high standards that can sometimes scare off those around you, making them feel vulnerable and fragile. But a closer look at them shows that the bricks are falling, which symbolizes the breaking of any barriers between you and other people.

The treasure you are searching for in this house is emotional satisfaction. You feel that you want to get deeply connected to someone both spiritually and emotionally.


Does this scary abandoned house look nightmarish to you? All because this image is actually the most terrible place you can think of. You are a person with a big heart — generous, kind, and faithful. You want to protect those whom you love and provide them with everything they need.

This semi-ruined house symbolizes your inability to do it. One step inside will show you the things that might break your heart. Good news — a chance to find the hidden jewel is still there.

The treasure you are looking for in this house is wealth. It will provide you and your close ones with safety and prosperity.


If you are afraid of these stairs, you hunger for a life filled with joy and excitement. But you may have a tendency to go overboard from time to time. Going down these stairs to an unknown place symbolizes being buried. You are literally afraid of death.

Moreover, the fact that there are many used things lying on the stairs means that the current period is over and that there is something unknown waiting for you ahead.

The treasure you are searching for is health. You should take care of yourself more, perhaps change your lifestyle, get rid of any bad habits, and include more vegetables in your diet.


If you are afraid of this heavy blue door surrounded by stones, there’s a good reason. The door is bright blue — symbolizing the color of the sky and the sea that you will have to leave behind once you enter this dark space. It is also the color that is often associated with stability. Being a persistent person, you are able to achieve the goals that you set.

However, the goals you set may sometimes be difficult to achieve. The moss on the stones means a long period of time in a cold place — a place you would never want to find yourself in, especially because you consider yourself to be a good and hardworking person who rarely takes breaks.

The treasure you seek within this prison is comfort. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a break? It may seem like a waste of time at first but after a while, it will definitely pay off.

Which picture scared you the most? Do you feel that the explanation accurately describes your current emotional state? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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