10 Amazon Products That Are the Problem Solvers You’ve Been Looking For

11 months ago

Looks like those who have a penchant for the latest technological gadgets aren’t just after the thrill of showing off their status. No-no, they have a deeper motivation: the desire to explore cutting-edge technology that can boost their competence to new heights. Just think about it — imagine having all the latest kitchen gadgets at your disposal. The possibilities for culinary creativity are endless! From cooking up a storm to crafting delectable pastries, you could transform into a true kitchen virtuoso.

But this is not just limited to the culinary realm. These gadgets can take your skills to new levels, regardless of your field. With each new innovation, you can uncover new opportunities and reach your full potential like never before. So don’t hold back — embrace the power of technology and unleash your inner brilliance!

1. A set of 2 brown bears that keep your brown sugar fresh for up to 3-6 months. They are made of high-fire terracotta and can even be used to keep bread fresh. You just need to leave them in water for 20-30 minutes and then put them in your sugar jar.

4.6 stars out of 5

It can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand. However, be careful with the soap you use since it is very absorbent and can pass on a soapy taste afterward.

Benefits: People whose brown sugar was rock solid, saw it becoming soft fast after placing the bears inside. Someone noted how their sugar was still moist 5 months after placing the bear.

Flaws: One person noticed that the bears don’t last as long as the instructions say. Another person saw their brown sugar turn white.

Promising review: This is an extraordinary bit of kitchen gadgetry. Who knew that something so simple could make brown sugar stay light and fluffy over the time it takes to go through a box? This is like magic! @Lisa Shoup

2. A ceramic crock container that keeps butter soft and ready to be spread on your toast. Just pour hot water into the crock and add the butter to the smaller container. The warmth of the water will keep the butter soft. You can add up to 1 1/2 sticks of butter to the container.

4.6 stars out of 5

You can keep the container at room temperature. In order to maintain freshness, you can add a little bit of salt or vinegar to the water.

Benefits: People seem to love how inexpensive this is and how the butter seems sweeter after placing it in the crock. It also looks very nice on their kitchen counters and takes up very little space.

Flaws: Some people have noted that the butter can slip out and fall into the water if not placed properly.

Promising review: I had been looking a long time for an attractive butter crock that wasn’t too expensive. This one is perfect and is the perfect size. @Kelli P

3. A 3D eyemask with headphones that block both outside noise and light. They block 100% of the light out and it’s easy to connect them to your music through Bluetooth. They are very soft and especially ideal for side sleepers.

4 stars out of 5

They fully charge in 2-2.5 hours and can last for more than 8 hours. This means that they can cover your entire night’s sleep without interruptions.

Benefits: Their battery can last up to 12 hours and people like that they are adjustable. The sound is very good and they provide an environment of total darkness.

Flaws: Most users noted that they don’t last for very long and they have to buy a new pair every few months.

Promising review: Honestly, the best thing I’ve bought from Amazon. I suffer from insomnia, and having the darkness from the eyemask, plus being able to Bluetooth white noise sounds into it, has completely changed my sleep pattern for the better. I’ve since bought my partner one, as he loves falling asleep to movies, and he loves the mask too! It’s easily adjusted, the sound is decent, and it’s easily charged and very quick to charge to 100% battery. Good for its money. I can only fault the mask for being a little flimsy as I’ve had to buy a second due to my first one breaking after 6 months. Thanks for helping my sleep, guys! @H.C

4. A collapsible microwaveable bowl that needs only 2-3 minutes to make your popcorn. It can fit up to 10 cups of popcorn and comes in 9 different colors. It is made of BPA-free and 100% food safe silicone. When you collapse it after using it, it becomes just 5 cm high.

4.6 stars out of 5

You don’t need to add any oil in the container, but you can if you want to. The company offers a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the product.

Benefits: The silicone material is very sturdy and won’t burn if you leave it in the microwave for longer than you should.

Flaws: You need to be careful when pulling the bowl out of the microwave since it can get very hot.

Promising review: It’s so easy to use, and it’s saving me money and calories! I put 50 g of popping corn, 1 tsp of olive oil, and 1/2 tsp salt (you don’t need oil, I use it for flavor), and every time I get the most delicious popcorn ever at 200 cal total. I’ve also put other seasonings on once it’s done, and it’s always perfect. Just make sure to season your popcorn AFTER popping, as you might risk burning whatever you put in it. Also, make sure to pay attention to the popping and turn off the microwave as soon as it stops popping every 2-3 seconds to avoid burning the popcorn in the center. And also, leave it inside the microwave for 1 minute after turning it off to let the residual heat pop the last few kernels. Yes, this thing does leave kernels without popping but from 50 g, it left probably 3-4 g of unpopped kernels. @JM

5. A silicone rest for up to 4 kitchen utensils with a drip pad so your counter won’t get dirty. The rest is made of silicone and weighs only 107 grams. It can accommodate any utensil, no matter how big or small it is. It’s very small, so you don’t need a massive counter to keep it on.

4.6 stars out of 5

This utensil rest is heat-resistant and you can place it close to the stove without fearing it will melt. There is also a lip around the edges so all the juices and oils from cooking won’t end up on your counter.

Benefits: People seem to love how easy it is to clean and how useful it is while they’re cooking. Also, one buyer mentioned how it can hold any kitchen utensil you might be using.

Flaws: Someone who bought the black rest noted how it started losing its color after the very first wash. Also, for some utensils, it might prove to be too small.

Promising review: A good value rest for multiple utensils. My only issue with it is that it doesn’t allow me to place my spatulas in flat, and they instead must fit sideways, but this is more a personal preference issue as the thing is ridiculously easy to keep clean and sanitized. It holds my widest spatula high enough that it doesn’t touch the base anyway. @Jack Dawson

6. Kitchen scale that is also a jug, including a removable bowl. It can be bought with other tools, like cooling trays and measuring spoons, if you wish to include them. The scale can weigh things up to 5 kg, and the bowl is made of stainless steel.

4.5 stars out of 5

The scale includes a screen displaying different choices for solid and liquid conversions. You can detach the bowl after you’re finished measuring and use it for mixing.

Benefits: People seem to find it very convenient not just for measuring recipe ingredients but even for dog food. Also, it’s been praised for how accurate its measuring is.

Flaws: Some people have trouble reading and understanding the settings on the scale. Also, some others have noticed that the lighting on the scale is quite dim.

Promising review: Amazing product for cooking lovers. Easy to use, easy to change settings for different weight measurements. I highly recommended it. @Daniels

7. A jar opener that always gives you a good grip no matter how slippery the lid is. It has 8 different lid sizes and can even be used to open the ring pull cans. It is lined with rubber so you can get the best grip and it’s very easy to store and clean.

4.4 stars out of 5

It is made of high-quality food grade PP and rubber, and it can help those who suffer from arthritis or anyone with weak hand or arm strength.

Benefits: It only takes minimum pressure from the user to open a jar. It is especially useful for those with arthritis and weak joints.

Flaws: Some buyers have noticed that it can’t get a good grip and therefore can’t open jars that have bigger lids.

Promising review: My wife has had difficulty for some time with opening jars and bottles due to arthritis. Since using this opener she has had no problems at all. A great opener and good value for the money.
Highly recommended. @John Allen

8. A cob corn stripper that makes your job in the kitchen a lot easier. It only comes in yellow and is made of stainless steel. It’s very easy to use and only takes a twist to take the kernels off your cob. It has a blade that zips through fresh cobs in just a few seconds.

4.2 stars out of 5

The blade is hidden underneath the yellow plastic cover that makes sure your hands are fully protected. You can insert any corn cobs no matter how big or small.

Benefits: People seem to love how easy it is to use and how little effort you need to exert for the blades to do their job.

Flaws: Some people noted how it’s not as effective with smaller cobs. Another buyer also said that the plastic grip doesn’t make the job very easy if you want to strip more than one cob.

Promising review: This does exactly the job it is meant for. It’s robust and easy to use, and being such a lovely bright color it’s easy to find in the drawer. @Jill Hudson

9. A mount stand for an iPad that you can put anywhere in your house, including your kitchen and office. It can accommodate any tablet that is 17-30 cm long. It comes in white and is made of aluminum. It can fold and expand depending on the user’s needs.

4.4 stars out of 5

You can install it on a tabletop, on the wall, or under a cabinet. The package includes 2 easy-mounting stand cradles. It is equipped with multiple flexible joints and also a 360-degree rotating headpiece.

Benefits: Users love how sturdy it is and how easy it is to install. Its versatility is also something most people are happy with. It fits most iPads and other brands too.

Flaws: Some people have had trouble mounting the device under their cabinets using the hinges the package includes.

Promising review: This is superb. A really sturdy, solid, and functional stand for a tablet. The clip to detach it from the stand is solid and easy to use. You then get 2 clips for a wall mount which turns it into a TV bracket for your tablet. It’s brilliant! I bought it for my motorhome, but I use the stand all over my house. 5 stars in build quality, 5 stars because it’s a wall mount and stand, and 5 stars because it’s just a great product. @Mark Batch

10. A makeup brush cleaner that also dries your tools. It is made of plastic and comes in a beautiful rose gold color. It only takes 30 seconds to clean and dry your brushes. It guarantees a 98% cleanliness and can be used for 8 different brush sizes. The device is leak-proof and its material is strong enough so even if it falls, it won’t break.

4.2 stars out of 5

All you need to do is attach the brush to the spinner, pour water and soap into the bowl, and then dip in the brush. You spin it for a few seconds in the water and then outside of the water and inside the bowl.

Benefits: Users seem impressed with how thorough and fast this gadget does its job. It’s not messy and it dries the brushes pretty quickly.

Flaws: One user mentioned that it’s not as effective on larger brushes or on brushes that you use liquid makeup on.

Promising review: It’s excellent! No point in buying the expensive ones where you’re paying for the brand. This cheap set works great. My brushes are clean. Yes, they are still stained, but this is because I like highly pigmented eye shadows, and there is no blending of colors once they are cleaned. @Unokey18

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