7 Home Laser Hair Removal Devices From Amazon With Stellar Reviews

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Getting pampered at the salon is unfortunately not always possible due to money and time constraints, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little “me time” at home. Laser hair removal devices are becoming more and more popular, with some great choices out there, even if you’re on a budget.

Here at Bright Side, we love home treatments, and today we will show you a few devices that reviewers are raving about. Let’s get straight to it!

1. This hair removal device automatically adapts to your skin tone

Buy this hair removal device from Amazon here.

Fast treatment

This device features a gentle setting that treats the skin smoothly for beginners, and it comes with a little cap that gets those areas that are harder to tackle.

Happy buyer’s review: This is so easy to use and honestly, I bought it with zero expectations. I thought I’d be sending it back after bad experiences with other products in the past. I’ve only used it twice, but I think hairs are growing back a lot slower. I am so happy with the results up til now. — Gemma McKay

2. This hair removal device promises 92% hair reduction in only 3 treatments

Buy this hair removal device from Amazon here.

Coaching app

With this device, you only need to do a treatment every 2 weeks for the first 6 weeks, then later only do little touch-ups every month.

Happy buyer’s review: I have suffered for years since my teens with thick growth on my legs and have battled with shaving, epilating and waxing for a long time.
I finally bought the super amazing life-changing laser device! It blasts hair growth and has changed my life! After a few treatments on my legs, I started noticing less hair growth!
Now I have little growth and no ingrown hairs to worry about! I only wish I had bought it sooner. I have also used it on my underarms, resulting in smooth underarms with no growth after about 4 treatments! This is my absolute favorite beauty device, and I will continue to use it to maintain results! Thank you! — lauren Alyssa McRae

3. This hair removal device can also be used for skin rejuvenation and to fight against acne

Buy this hair removal device from Amazon here.

9 energy levels

This device features 2 different modes, automatic and manual, which are meant for different parts of the body.

Happy buyer’s review: This hair removal device looks very stylish, with a digital display. It works perfectly to remove hair painlessly. This device is straightforward to use. It has 9 energy levels and 3 functions: hair Removal, skin rejuvenation, and acne cleaner modes. The manual mode is for small areas like lips, bikini line, and armpits. It also has an automatic mode for large areas like the arms, chest, back, and legs. It removed the acne on my face and made my face fairer and cleaner. It also works effectively for skin rejuvenation, which helps bring a young look to the face. I am very impressed with this device. — Ash

4. This hair removal device comes with an ice cooling function

Buy this hair removal device from Amazon here.

5 energy levels

This device promises results in just 8 weeks, and it claims to be less painful than others out there.

Happy buyer’s review: can’t believe I didn’t know about IPL devices until recently. Within a couple of weeks of starting to use it on my underarms, I have hardly any hair growing back. It’s pain-free, you just feel a hot sensation that can be slightly uncomfortable but a million times less painful than epilating. Works really well with pale skin and thicker dark hair. — Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me you built a time machine...

5. This hair removal device promises 85% hair reduction in as little as 3 treatments

Buy this hair removal device from Amazon here

5 light settings

This sophisticated device features SenseIQ technology which knows which setting is best for you judging by your skin tone.

Happy buyer’s review: I did a lot of research before buying this product, but I have to say that I have been utterly impressed so far. The product comes with an easy-to-use app that sends you reminders when you are supposed to do your next treatment. I have very fair skin and was worried that it may not work on me, but I stand corrected. After only 3 sessions, I have noticed a significant reduction of hairs on the legs. I highly recommend this product. — Jp

6. This hair removal device promises a reduction in hair regrowth of at least 90% after just 3 weeks of use

Buy this hair removal device from Amazon here.


This device promises results in just 8 weeks, and judging by the reviews, it works. And it’s a lot cheaper than some other devices on our list!

Happy buyer’s review: Very satisfied with the purchase! It does the job. After a month of using it, I can already see results. — Debora Di Paola

7. This hair removal device features a painless ice cooling system

Buy this hair removal device from Amazon here.

Great value

This device effectively prevents skin damage, so if you have sensitive skin, it might be a good choice for you.

Happy buyer’s review: I rarely write reviews, but after purchasing this I had to. I’ve been using IPL devices for around 10 years, always opting for the more expensive ones. Never again after using this, it’s excellent. If you’re new to this, be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I highly recommend it. — debra williams

What does your hair removal routine look like? Would you invest in one of these devices?

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