The 5 Best Amazon Massagers That’ll Help You Leave All Your Stress in 2022

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Massage is a great way to manage not only pain and discomfort, but also fatigue and depression by lowering cortisol levels. To enjoy a massage today, you don’t even need to visit a spa or masseur. For high-quality self-massage, there are a huge number of electric and manual massagers.

We reviewed the different types of massagers from Amazon and chose the top 5. Take a look at our reviews and make the best choice for your body!

1. Ergonomic handheld deep tissue massager with dual trigger points to help relieve tension in neck and leg muscles.

An easy-to-use massager that will help you quickly relieve tension from neck muscles after a long time at the computer. You can also stretch your leg muscles after an intense workout or a long walk. The dual ball mechanism gently acts on trigger points to relax the muscles.


  • Controlled massage intensity — since you are applying the massage manually, you can control the speed and strength of the massage according to the sensations.
  • You do not need to charge this massager.
  • 2 soft yet durable silicone balls create a masseuse-like feel, mimicking a manual massage.
  • The impact of the massager helps to relieve muscle pain and fatigue during the workday.
  • Improving blood circulation in the neck will help you feel more alert and collected. In just 5 minutes of massage, you will feel rested and relaxed.
  • This handheld massager weighs only 310 g — less than an apple. With its portable design, it will be convenient for you to take it to work with you.
  • Its ergonomic anti-slip handle is very comfortable to grip.


  • You will not be able to completely relax when using this massager, as you will have to strain your arms for self-massage.

Promising reviews:

I suffer from terrible neck and back pain, including pain that requires me to crack my neck to alleviate tension. My neck muscles sometimes get so stiff that I am physically unable to massage them as hard enough as it needs.
This product is AMAZING! It sits perfectly on the areas that require massaging and allows me to knead the area as softly or as hard as I need to.
It is solid and sturdy, even massaging as hard as I could, I didn’t feel like the product would break. For the price, this is a great quality product, I would have expected to pay £10-15 more!
After one use, I managed to release so many knots that I didn’t need to crack my neck all day to alleviate pressure/tension!! I believe that using this product for 10–15 mins a day will really make a difference, especially when used in conjunction with an orthopedic pillow and a posture-correcting brace.
I would DEFINITELY recommend it to anyone who suffers from neck pain.

This is a brilliant neck massager. Being manual, it is easy to control how deep you would like the massage. It does what it says it would, and I cannot fault it. It has been used multiple times by myself and my family.
Highly recommend!

2. The heated neck and back massager acts intensely under the weight of your arms.

A great way to take a break from work — just put this massager around your neck! The heaviness of your hands will provide the desired massage intensity, which you can control to feel comfortable.


  • 8 massage roller balls for a wide impact
  • 3 speed levels that allow you to get the correct and appropriate pressure on your muscles
  • 2 directions of massage — the massager has a bi-directional motion control that simulates movements during a massage. The balls automatically reverse every minute for a better distribution of massage effects.
  • Heating function — will make massage even more effective and pleasant.
  • You can fold your hands into the massager and completely relax, it will do everything for you.


  • The device does not have a battery and works only while plugged in.
  • Its use is convenient for the muscles of the neck, however, using it for other parts of the body may not be as comfortable.

Promising reviews:

This is a great massager, have had issues with my neck on and off for the last few years and have been to physios and chiropractors. I am mostly seated at a desk all day, which I say is a lot of the issue. I use this every evening before bedtime when I feel any tightness building up, and I find it great. It actually feels like someone is behind you using their hands. For the price, this is absolutely amazing, anyone thinking of buying — go for it. I bought one for a friend, and she is delighted with it too. Wish I had come across this sooner, as it would have saved me lots of money and trips! I haven’t had any pain since I start using this because as soon as the tightness starts, I use it straight away. You won’t be disappointed!

I have back problems, and honestly, I am surprised by how good this product is. 10 out of 10, definitely recommend it.
@Amazon Customer

3. The powerful percussion massage gun releases tension from trigger points with vibration.

This is one of the best massage guns with a fairly powerful battery and a large number of attachments. With this massager, you can stretch any part of the body on your own or with someone else’s help. Because of its size, it is convenient to take on a trip or keep in a desktop drawer.


  • The massage gun is equipped with a powerful 16.8 V motor, which can reach from 1800 to 3200 rpm to provide a powerful effect on the muscles.
  • The massager has a new generation of noise reduction technology to control noise within 45 db, allowing you to relax in a quiet environment.
  • Weighing only 0.68 kg, the massager is much lighter than other massage guns of the same size, making it easy to carry around.
  • Ergonomic design — all operations can be performed independently with one button. You can control the impact on the body with one hand.
  • The lithium battery has a large capacity of 2500 mAh. After 3 hours of charging, you will be able to use it for several massages.
  • The device can be charged with the most popular Type C cable.


  • Some users note that the massager has too much intensity for them, even at minimum speed.
  • The massager has a Type-C charging port, however it is not compatible with USB-C chargers. It only works with USB-A chargers via a conversion cable.

Promising reviews:

Build quality is very good, it’s small enough to massage yourself and comes in a quality case with all the attachments and decent instructions. I did plenty of research on massage guns, including customer reviews and medical tests for around a month, just in case any of them were biased toward sponsorship deals. And the best one, without spending hundreds of pounds, is the Renpho R3 Mini. I am a truck driver and I suffer from lower back pain quite often. After using this on 3 speed for 2 mins, twice a day for just 2 days I feel like I have a new lower back!! Try not to use it before bed as it stimulates your body into feeling great, and you may find it harder to get to sleep after using it.

Perfect for the whole body. Battery life is amazing! Different heads make a real difference in how the massage is applied. Highly recommended.
@Ian Antony Roots

4. A hand-held percussion massager with a variety of nozzle shapes will help stretch any part of the body.

This popular massager will bring the whole massage parlor home. Various nozzles will allow you to effectively stretch all parts of the body, get rid of tension, and get a charge of vivacity and strength.


  • Impact technology can help relax and relieve pain in the feet, calves, shoulders, neck, back, muscles, arms, and legs.
  • Powerful motor up to 3,600 rpm per minute can relieve pain effectively.
  • After using for 20 minutes, the machine will automatically stop to prevent the massager from overheating.
  • Portable and wireless design allows you to take it with you to your home, office, or wherever you go.
  • 5 interchangeable nozzles allow you to choose the right shape depending on your preferences.
  • The built-in rechargeable battery lasts approximately 140 minutes on a full charge.


  • This massager has a rather heavy weight and is quite difficult for some users to handle.
  • For safety reasons, the device must not be used while charging.

Promising review:

I’ve been using these to help with a few issues. I’ve had a neck injury that healed sort of wrong, a few days with this (and admittedly a bit of extra pain at first) and I’ve got my range of movement back! I can turn my head to the left again!
I’ve also used this to ease discomfort in my hips and upper legs. I think, associated with the new medication I’m taking, it helps to reduce the pain and discomfort a lot.
Then simple massaging of the shoulders and back, and again I’m experiencing a lot of improvement in terms of pain. I gained a lot of weight over the COVID lockdowns, and for various reasons became a bit of a potato. As I’m losing weight, I’ve noticed I have no stamina. The massager is helping a lot to ease the aches.
Finally, I’m using it (very very gently) as a face massager. I’ve recently acquired my first 2 wrinkles... I’ve used this on the wrinkles, gently encouraging blood flow, and so far, I’m seeing a marked improvement, the deeper wrinkle is still there, but it’s getting shallower with each use!
It’s a very versatile device. And I’m very glad I purchased it.
I would also say that some reviews mention it being heavy, but it’s very light in my opinion.

5. This heated shiatsu massager will allow you to lie down and relax — it massages completely on its own.

With this gadget, you will not need to strain your hands while doing self-massage. Just put it under a tense area of ​​the body and feel the relaxation. It will provide a warm massage with 4 knots that constantly change the direction of the massage. With this pillow, you’ll be able to get some actual rest!


  • The square shape of the pillow is ergonomic and fits the body perfectly.
  • Its powerful heating function and 3D deep kneading unit can effectively relax the muscles.
  • The pillow is comfortable for all parts of the body.
  • The pillow has an AC adapter (110-220V) and a car adapter (12V DC) so you can take it with you.
  • The massager is made of breathable fabric, has a soft touch, and is harmless to the skin. It prevents overheating and can be easily removed for cleaning.


  • The massager is not portable and must be connected to a power outlet during operation.
  • This massager is not mobile and not all parts of the body can be worked out with it.

Promising reviews:

Bought a few different models over the years of similar massagers. This one is definitely the best of all of them, just based on build. All of the other ones would break, make crackling noises, and get holes, but this one has no issue at all at this moment and is also built differently, so I doubt it’s going to have any holes or openings in the future. If you are looking for a cheap but effective and long-lasting massager, this should be your choice.

Bought this for our son who suffers from back pain. He has found it beneficial. He said it’s similar to a massage you get going to a qualified medical practitioner.
@Amazon Customer

Do you do neck and back exercises? What exercises help you relieve muscle tension?

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