10 Beauty Best Sellers From Amazon That You May Want to Keep in Your Bag at All Times

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Our handbags hide a lot of secrets, and one of their missions is to keep all the necessary tools that can help us look fabulous at a moment’s notice. Today, we scoured Amazon to find the best “quick beauty” products you can keep in your bag (within reach) at all times. From a compact powder to a root concealing spray, these little problem solvers have come in handy for thousands of Amazon buyers already, and you can make good use of them too.

1. Cover dark circles with this eye concealer. The concealer has a natural finish and long-lasting wear, making dark circles and signs of fatigue disappear in mere seconds. The product can also help you correct imperfections, illuminate your skin, and conceal wrinkles. Thanks to the large variety of colors offered, you can choose a shade that perfectly matches your skin.

52,400+ ratings

Promising review: First time user of this and will be purchasing this again in the future.
It makes the skin around your eyes feel smoother to touch. Definitely gets rid of the dark circles around my eyes and around my mouth area. The applicator is very comfortable to use, and you can almost get away with not using your fingers. @enouch


2. Keep your makeup intact with this pressed powder. Thanks to its long-lasting formula, the powder guarantees up to 6 hours of shine control. The product is also enriched with natural minerals and powders to enhance your natural glow and keep your makeup perfect throughout the day.

41,500+ ratings

Promising review: I love this matte powder. It’s my latest discovery for light and longer-staying make-up. Believe me when I say after blending this on my foundation in the morning, it stays all matte, all day, and I actually stopped carrying my make-up purse out!
No need for a top-up, no problem with a shiny nose or forehead. I bought 4 more to give to friends and family. @Funmi


3. Nourish your dry skin with this hydrating cleanser for normal to dry skin. This gentle non-foaming cleanser has a formula that locks in moisture, providing 24-hour hydration for your skin. The product is also fragrance-free and non-comedogenic. You can choose packages in different sizes for your needs.

23,000+ ratings

Promising review: I have used a lot of face washes, but this beats them all. My dry skin is gone, and I have no spots on my face ever. Great for sensitive skin and you only need to use a small amount. @Roshni Ramji


4. Lengthen your eyelashes with this volumizing mascara. Its unique formula, with nourishing bamboo extract and fibers, makes your lashes fuller and longer. The richly pigmented color creates a defining, curling, and lash-multiplying effect for mesmerizing makeup that will turn heads wherever you go (without flakes)!

15,200+ ratings

Promising review: Wow, bought this after reading a review online and it is so very good! I love love love this! My eyelashes in my left eye are a bit wonky and this helps me separate them, and it sets them in place. It is my second tube and I will buy again! @MISS D.


5. Moisturize your extremely dry skin with this moisturizing cream. Suitable for the face and body, this cream provides long-lasting hydration for your skin. The product includes hyaluronic acid that helps retain your skin’s natural moisture. You can choose from a variety of sizes.

38,000+ ratings

Promising review: I really liked this as I have developed dry skin on my face. It felt tight and sore. This actually made it feel so much better.
Although the cream is quite thick, it soaks into the skin without leaving it feeling oily. Very pleased. @dilly


6. Give a dramatic finishing touch to your makeup with this smudge-proof eyeliner pencil. Its soft and blendable formula will help you easily create a smokey-eye effect. The smudge-proof long-wear formula can guarantee up to 12 hours of wear, which means your makeup will stay fresh for a long time.

25,800+ ratings

Promising review: Love it, can’t LIVE without my eyeliner! Excellent price! I always like to stress in my reviews how important it is for makeup to be secured.
It’s high on my priority list when it comes to putting makeup on your eyes or face and should always be sealed and secure when purchasing! Excellent service. @Amazon Customer


7. Shape and define your eyebrows with this brow pencil. This pencil will help you shape, define, and fill in your brows for a natural and polished look. With the help of just one tool, you can achieve precise lines and perfectly contoured brows that last for hours. Use the spool brush to comb eyebrows into a desired shape, and then use the liner to fill in the brows with fine strokes.

23,500+ ratings

Promising review: Love this product. Very affordable and easy to use. Makes the eyebrows look very natural. You don’t have to put in much effort, yet your eyebrows still look amazing. @Macie-lee Andrews


8. Cover up gray roots quickly and easily with this instant root concealer spray. Ideal for in-between salon visits, this spray can work wonders on your gray roots. It is available in 9 shades, from blonde to black, so you can choose the shade that perfectly blends with your hair color. Each bottle contains about 25 applications.

18,600+ ratings

Promising review: This spray has become an essential part of my hair maintenance in between hairdresser visits. It is an easy-to-use, quick spray, it dries quickly and covers my roots well. You have to make sure the color is compatible with your own hair color. This blends well and covers my gray in between salon visits, which is useful if you get an unexpected invitation out.
One spray gives great coverage, which lasts a few days and washes out easily. Wash out before going to the hairdresser, and it doesn’t interfere with your root color which some others can do. It has a powder-like consistency similar to a dry hair shampoo. I would recommend this over others I have used, and you get several applications from one bottle which is a great value for the money. @S***sHeat


9. Remove makeup mess free with this eye makeup remover. It was specially designed to remove stubborn waterproof eye makeup and mascara without the need for rinsing. The remover also protects and cares for your eyelashes, with its caring formula, without leaving an oily residue.

1,200+ ratings

Promising review: Great product. Removes waterproof mascara easily and gently, and the added bonus is that my lashes have grown (after 3 months of nightly use). Great value as well. @KRo


10. Turn your nails into pearls with Rimmel London Mermaid Fin nail polish. The product has an anti-chip, anti-fade, and long-lasting formula, guaranteeing that your nail color will stay intact for up to 10 days. You can use a color base or simply cover your nails with this ethereal color for a more gentle and subtle look.

57,500+ ratings

Promising review: The photo shows a single thin layer. Provides a cool toned shimmer and shine to jazz up your nails. You could use a layer of pink underneath if you wanted something a bit more colorful, but I prefer the sheer type that shows just a hint of pearlescent color. You could build this one up with another layer, but I like it subtle. @Karen


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