10 Bizarre Foods That Appeared in Supermarkets in 2018, and We Don’t Know What to Think

3 years ago

No matter what your regular grocery list looks like, we bet you don’t have pink bread, floral seasoning, or plant-based milk on it. But very soon, things might change because we’ll see these and 8 more weird foods on the shelves of supermarkets. Do you want to know what else we should prepare for? Keep reading.

Bright Side made a list of 10 foods that will not only surprise many customers but will become popular foods, as well.

Mayonnaise ice cream

Since 1920, Hellmann’s has been producing mayonnaise and is proud of its recipe. Their love for their work inspired the company to move forward and launch the production of ice cream made of mayo. It’s quite hard to imagine its taste but according to the description, we’ll experience an extra creamy flavor with an egg aftertaste.

The company also published a recipe for a chocolate cake with mayo on their website. Those who crave a daring and unique dining experience can find it here.

Mushroom coffee

The producer of the mushroom coffee, Four Sigmatic, promises a boost of energy, a rush of power, and an overall strengthening of the immune system. It’s better to drink the beverage in the morning or before your workout. Those who have tasted the drink claim that it has more of a tea and coffee flavor and no mushrooms at all.

People who suffer from low blood pressure should be careful with the drink. It’s not recommended to prepare such a drink yourself: too much of the Chaga mushrooms and the Maitake mushrooms could be dangerous for your health.

Floral seasoning

Some flowers don’t only look good, but they taste even better. Today you can find different kinds of dried flower petals that can be a spectacular addition to any dish. The most popular edible flowers are lavender, violet, hibiscus, rose, orange, and peach blossoms.

Pink bread

Healthy lifestyle enthusiasts will definitely love such baked goods. Such an unusual coloring is achieved through the use of beetroot. It is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces blood pressure, and it increases your endurance.


Melted butter that is so popular in South Asia that it has finally made its way to the global market and might soon replace regular butter. Ghee has tonic properties, improves the work of the digestive system, in general, and the small intestine, as well. In contrast to other types of butter, ghee doesn’t become toxic due to increased temperature.

Meat for vegetarians

The “alternative” meat looks, smells, and tastes exactly like real one, but it’s usually made of vegetable components. Meat consists of plant-based proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, microelements, and spicery. The founder of Impossible Meat has a global goal — to make all people stop eating the meat of animal origin.

Plant-based milk

Ripple managed to produce a new kind of milk that turned out to be even better than what we used to drink. The initial protein content in plant-based milk is the same as in cow milk, but it contains 50% more calcium and it’s fortified with vitamin D and iron.

Now you can purchase 3 types of flavors: traditional, vanilla, and chocolate.

Healthy frozen foods

Semi-processed products should not be associated with unhealthy food anymore. A new epoch of frozen foods promises to be healthy and tasty. For example, the company Love The Wild freezes fresh fish and adds seasoning and sauce. All you have to do is to wrap the fish in baking paper and put it in the oven. They also have the same kits for microwave ovens.

Sparkling water with essential oils

Every year, water manufacturers think hard about how to make sparkling water less harmful. Most of them have already eliminated the use of sugar, sodium, and artificial sweeteners. Now, they decided to substitute artificial flavoring with essential oils.

Superfood soups

The producer of drinkable soups offers them instead of sandwiches and other kinds of snacks you bring with you to work. They’re easy to carry and all you have to do is just open the bottle and drink your soup.

Bonus: vegetable leftovers

In 2018, everything we used to throw away is a top food trend; we mean vegetable and fruit skins. For example, carrot greens are used to make soups, salads, and casseroles, while watermelon rinds can be used to make jams and broccoli stems are good for vegetable pancakes.

Would you dare to taste anything from this list? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below!

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