10+ Celebrities Who Honored Their Partners With a Tattoo

The tattoos people regret the most are of someone’s name, a 2018 poll revealed. Nevertheless, it’s a common design and an even more common proof of eternal love. And those in the entertainment world are among the many who partake in this trend.

Many stars decide to commemorate their relationship with new ink, with some famous couples getting matching tattoos. From name initials to portraits, we can’t get enough of these romantic tattoos!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend got similar tattoos of each other’s names and those of their 2 kids at the time, Miles and Luna.

Taylor Lautner surprised his wife with matching tattoos of their wedding date.

Kevin Jonas paid tribute to his wife by tattooing her look in his band’s music video for the single, “Sucker.”

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner complete each other’s sentences, literally, with wrist tattoos.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck proved their commitment to each other with tattoos that include their names and initials.

Hailey Bieber got her beau Justin Bieber’s initial tattooed on her ring finger.

Ashley Graham forever marked her husband Justin Ervin’s initials on her neck.

Brooklyn Beckham has dozens of tattoos for his wife Nicola Peltz, including her eyes and a love letter she wrote him.

Travis Barker got his wife Kourtney Kardashian’s eyes inked on his upper thigh to add to his collection of tattoos dedicated to her.

Eva Mendes has Ryan Gosling’s name on her wrist, a gesture that many thought could mean they got married in private.


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I hate tattoos I see them as self mutilation although I've seen them used to cover unsightly scars that's good


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