Taylor Lautner Planned the Most Meaningful Surprise for His Wife’s 26th Birthday

10 months ago

Newlywed Taylor Lautner, 31, can’t get enough of expressing his love to his wife Taylor Dome. And on her 26th birthday, the actor had the most romantic gift idea for his bride. Taylor was over the moon with her husband’s gesture and the best part is that they shared all the details of this surprise on social media.

They got matching tattoos.

Taylor Dome, who now goes by the name Tay Lautner on Instagram, shared a reel that was also cross-posted by Lautner. The video, which she described as the ’’best birthday surprise ever,’’ showed the behind-the-scenes of the couple getting inked in their California home.

The reel showed the lovebirds dancing in front of a mirror, browsing a couple of different variations of the tattoo, then lying down on a couch to get inked. They then showed the result to the camera and sweetly hugged each other.

Tay and Taylor chose to pay tribute to the day they said “I do” by having it permanently inked on their body. This is how the 11.11.22 date got horizontally printed in a thin font, on both Taylors’ left wrists.

Dome added a dash of humor to the video by noting, “as if having matching names wasn’t enough...”

Both posts on their pages have gathered a big number of likes and positive reactions from family, friends, and fans. One person jokingly observed that an even cooler idea would’ve been to get a matching tattoo of their matching names.

Their wedding day remains an authentic and magical memory.

The couple met back in 2018 after being introduced by Lautner’s sister Makena. They got engaged in November 2021 and tied the knot a full year later.

Speaking of their big day, the Twilight actor admitted that he tried his best not to get emotional during the ceremony. He noted, ’’I was surprisingly more composed than I thought I would be. But it was still tough to hold it together!’’

The 31-year-old also shared that he and Dome opted for a low-key and relaxing ceremony. He explained, ’’We just wanted the day to feel celebratory, no pressure or anxiety. Everybody there meant so much to us, and we wanted all of them to be part of the day.’’

The loving husband also noted, ’’It felt right with Taylor from the very beginning. I feel so lucky. I married my best friend.’’

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It's very sweet, and I'm glad they both enjoyed it. I wish them the best on their shared journey.


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