10 Celebrities With Special Features That Actually Make Them One of a Kind

2 years ago

It’s no secret that inside the Hollywood industry, everything is about looks. Often, we see photoshopped pictures in magazines and social media making fake expectations about beauty standards. But, it turns out that celebs are normal people just like us. And in the same way that nobody is perfect, one of the most fascinating things in life is that nobody is built the same.

At Bright Side, we celebrate all those differences that make us one of a kind, and here are 10 celebs with singular features.

1. Harry Styles — 4 nipples

Apparently, this rare condition is the cherry on top of the extravagant personality of this UK singer. Harry Styles opened up about the rumors of his extra pair of nipples back in 2017 during an interview with Chelsea Handler when he confirmed his condition.

It can occur that when the body is developing, nipple forming cells might accidentally migrate down the chest and appear as small pink bumps with underlying breast tissue. No matter how many nipples Harry Style has, he’s totally golden anyway.

2. Elizabeth Taylor — violet eyes and an extra row of eyelashes

No, there’s no filter in the second pic nor are there fake lashes. Elizabeth Taylor was born with a double row of eyelashes. And if you look closer, you can find another unique detail, her blue-violet eyes. She was diagnosed at birth with a mutation on the FOXC2 gene that lead to distichiasis.

When hair grows on the wet part of the eyelid, it can occasionally result in having an extra row of eyelashes which is what Taylor has. Sometimes this genetic mutation can be received like a blessing, but in other cases, it can result in irritation of the eye and other inconveniences. Fortunately for Elizabeth, distichiasis was only an extra touch in addition to her natural beauty.

3. Daniela Ruah — different color eyes

The American-Portuguese actress and director best known for playing NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye has an uncommon characteristic that can be spotted easily and that surely makes her stand out. During an interview with Esquire, she addressed her different colored eyes.

The birthmark on her eye is called nevus of Ota, which covers the whole white of her right eye. This does not affect her vision, nor did it affect her career. In fact, it’s her trademark that makes her proud.

4. Winnie Harlow — vitiligo

The Jamaican-Canadian model Winnie Harlow doesn’t want her condition to define her. It was in 2011 when a YouTube video was posted in which she addresses that vitiligo is not the spotlight of her career but a feature to embrace, and people with this condition should not be ashamed of it.

Vitiligo is a rare autoimmune disorder that affects one in every 100 people. It is known that vitiligo is caused due to an alteration in the immune system, in which the cells responsible for pigment making are destroyed, resulting in alterations of the skin. As Winnie says “I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” differences are what make us beautiful.

5. Seal — facial scars

Sometimes physical features become our personal marks. Especially when we talk about celebrities and this is the case of the British singer Seal, who has some scars on his face. Over the years, many theories and speculations have come from his fans about how the singer got those scars. However, it turns out that it’s a medical condition.

Discoid Lupus Erythematosus is a type of lupus that results in a chronic skin condition, which causes sores, inflammation, and, potentially, scars. Most of the time, it affects the face, ears, and scalp. Famous for his music and his marriage to Heidi Klum, Seal continues his career without letting lupus stop him from his success.

6. Gaten Matarazzo — bone disease

Who didn’t fall in love with the adorable role of Gaten Matarazzo in the Netflix series Stranger Things? Whether it was because of his amusing personality or his face, this young actor stole our hearts. But the reason why he is on this list is because of his Cleidocranial Dysplasia.

Cleidocranial Dysplasia is a genetic bone disorder. In the case of Gaten, he has supernumerary teeth and an absent collarbone. Gaten Matarazzo shares on his Instagram profile what it is like to live with this condition. He is always positive and emphasizes the importance of figuring out more about this disease.

7. Cameron Diaz — rosacea

No, it’s not the makeup. Cameron Diaz has a rare feature that makes her look naturally blushed. Known as rosacea, this skin condition affects the face and it’s characterized by flare-ups and redness on the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. This Hollywood star was born with rosacea and even though it can’t be completely cured, it can be controlled.

In an interview with Parade Magazine, she confessed to having very sensitive skin. Also, the 49-year-old actress has made a statement about aging and taking care of oneself by understanding how our body works, so we can take action to help it in the best possible way.

8. Georgia May Jagger — teeth gap

Model and daughter of Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger, Georgia May Jagger possesses a signature smile that makes her very unique in the modeling industry. She has a natural teeth gap that is medically known as Diastema.

This condition can be caused by many factors, including genetics like the size of the teeth in relation to the jaw bone, or habits like putting pressure on the front teeth when younger that causes the gap between teeth to become wider. Georgia knows the importance of denying the idea of perfection in modeling by reminding us that everyone is human.

9. Joaquin Phoenix — cleft lip

He’s not only known for his impressive acting skills or his important role as an activist for animal rights. He has a singular feature that makes him even more special. Joaquin has a scar on his upper lip that is actually a microform cleft. This occurs thanks to a mutation in the BMP4 gene.

Clefts are caused due to birth defects when a baby’s lip or mouth do not form properly during pregnancy. The type of cleft that Joaquin has is one of the milder versions of a cleft lip, making it more like a birthmark.

10. Andy Garcia — was born with a Siamese twin

American actor Andy Garcia has an unusual story to share. Nowadays if you look at him you won’t notice anything out of the ordinary. But he was born with an undeveloped conjoined twin that was attached to his shoulder. This conjoined twin was the size of a tennis ball and had to be surgically removed at his birth.

You can’t see the scar, but surely it’s a story Andy will always tell.

What is the special feature that makes you one of a kind? Share with us and let’s grow the list together!

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