10 Cool Things on Amazon That Every Pet Owner Has to Know About

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The coming Christmas season is a good reason to spoil your pet and make them a little happier. On Amazon, you can find everything necessary to make your pet’s life more diverse and exciting without breaking the bank. Treat dispensing toys, window hammocks, self-heating blankets, and even houses that double as treats — hundreds of pets have already appreciated these unusual gifts from their humans, and now it’s your turn to surprise your pet!

1. This soft banana-shaped pet bed will keep your cat or dog warm and cozy this winter. If your pet is a fan of hidden places where they can get some privacy, then this is the right choice. The “banana peel” upper part can be closed for your pet’s ultimate comfort. There are 4 sizes available, so you can pick the best bed that suits your pet’s parameters.

Promising review: It was too small for my dog but... Then my cat walked into the room and claimed it as his and I didn’t have the heart to return it. It’s a long banana bed. My cat is a long cat and it worked out. He usually loves to annoy us with love and attention while we watch TV but now that he has his banana, we’ve thankfully been forgotten. Neck to base of the tail he’s 14 inches, if that helps. He fits inside comfortably and can turn around. Totally worth it. @T.

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

2. If you have trouble making your cat drink more, try this flower-shaped fountain. The view and sound of the running water will attract your cats, and they will love drinking from it. The viewing window will help you check the level of the remaining water. The fountain is big enough to hold enough water for the day, so you don’t need to worry. The built-in filter continuously purifies and softens hard tap water.

Promising review: My kittens absolutely love it. I was worried since they were both not drinking water, especially in the heat, but since I got the fountain they curiously go up to the fountain and end up drinking. There is no loud noise and it’s easy to clean and assemble. @Nora

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

3. It’s no secret that many cats like having things under control and keeping track of what their people are doing. This wooden house with a transparent dome helps them do that while feeling safe. This cat shelter can be placed on the floor or on the wall for your pet’s ultimate comfort.

Promising review: Scooby loves his new place to play, sleep, or be nosey. He likes to curl up in it, he’s a big cat, but he fits in fine. He likes sitting in there and watching the dog from his place of safety! We put it higher up too, sometimes on the table for a different view. Thoroughly recommend. @Jo

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

4. With this window hammock, your cat can watch birds and enjoy sunbathing anytime without leaving the house. 4 suction cups guarantee good suction power to hold even the chubbiest cats. Breathable materials make your cat feel comfy and cozy in their window hammock.

Promising review: Got this for my indoor kitty, who loves to look out the window and talk to the birds. The hammock is great, and I had no problems assembling, suctioning, and getting it ready. My cat LOVES it. I haven’t experienced any problems with the suction cups. I made sure to clean my windows with vinegar beforehand and then pushed them on. I’d recommend it to any cat owners. @Caitlin Lloyd

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

5. This self-heating pet blanket will keep your cat warm during the cold months. It is filled with 3 layers of self-heating material that reflects and retains your pet’s body heat to make them warm and comfy. No electricity is required, which makes this blanket safe to use. Dogs, rabbits, and other animals may find this blanket comfy too.

Promising review: What can I say? My cat seems to LOVE this thing. She’s spent the majority of her time since it arrived curled up on it, no matter where I put it. It’s soft, quite thick, and definitely seems to keep her nice and warm which is obviously great for the upcoming cold months. I’m not afraid of her damaging it in any way, it seems to be hard-wearing and sturdy; there are no signs of wear so far and my cat has been making biscuits on it daily since it arrived. 10/10 product, if this one somehow broke (I doubt it will any time soon), I’d definitely look to buy another to replace it. @Darcy Coulten

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

6. If you’re looking for a way to keep your cat busy playing, try this interactive treat puzzle. This puzzle will stimulate your cat’s instincts and make getting the desired treat more challenging. 16 hidden treat compartments will keep your cat occupied and entertained for a long time.

Promising review: Cat absolutely loves it! He’s about 5 months old, indoor cat. Very curious about everything and food motivated! Very good purchase, he’s happy and I’m happy too. Making the treats hidden in different ways keeps his mind busy and entertains him for a good 20 minutes at least. Love it lots! 100% recommend. @Cadence Carnegie

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

7. Let’s not forget about dogs. This octopus-shaped squeaky toy has no stuffing inside, so there won’t be much mess, even if your dog tears it apart. Made of safe, high-quality plush polyester fiber, this toy doesn’t contain chemicals that are bad for your dog’s health. Dogs seem to love it!

Promising review: My 3-year-old French Bulldog cannot get enough of this toy, she’s been inseparable from it since I gave it to her. She’s quite a chewer too and it seems to be holding up pretty well, and there’s no stuffing in it which is really nice. At least if it does end up ripping, I know my dog won’t choke on anything. If she does end up chewing through it at some point, I’ll probably order another one as it’s worth the money, and she loves it that much. @sandra

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

8. This treat-dispensing dog toy will keep your dog busy and excited while cleaning its teeth! This toy was primarily designed to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated. Fill the ball with your dog’s favorite treats, watch them roll the toy around, and try to get all the goodies out!

Promising review: This is one of the best treat balls we have found. The dog absolutely loves it and it takes her quite a while to get it all out. So it keeps her occupied. She loves pouncing on it too. Definitely recommend this item. @Gallrick

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

9. If you have a hamster, a rabbit, or a guinea pig, this toy set will keep them busy and entertained for hours. The set includes 2 heart-shaped grass cakes, 2 mixed grass balls, 2 apple sticks and grass ball lollipops, 1 water hyacinth ball, 1 willow ball, several apple wood sticks, several sweet bamboo sticks, and other toys and treats. All the treats and chews are made of 100% natural materials.

Promising review: These are great boredom breakers for hamsters. Lots of different things and good value for money. Things are quite small, so probably better for smaller hamsters like dwarf hamsters but our hamster loved playing with everything, especially the ones with bells. @EllieBelle

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

10. Your rabbit will also appreciate this cute hay house that is a shelter and a treat — all in one. The house’s roof is made of dried carrot, while its walls are made of hay. This house can become a lovely present for a guinea pig as well.

Promising review: I bought this for something extra for a spoiled bunny and wasn’t expecting it to be anything special, but I was wrong. The rabbit really loves this, and she has been into it for around 3 weeks now, nibbling at the corner, and still isn’t through it yet. She has tried getting the hay from the back but gave up and went back to the corner, so it is lasting well. It wasn’t the cheapest thing I’ve ever bought for her, but to date definitely lasts the longest. @Amazon Customer

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

Do you like spoiling your pets with something special? What was the last present you bought for your pet? Did they like it?

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