10 Couples Who Broke All Stereotypes About What an Ideal Relationship Should Look Like

10 months ago

A perfect relationship is when 2 people truly love each other. This is the only parameter necessary. But for some reason, many people are still surprised when they see people of different height, weight, nationality, and so on.

Bright Side has found 10 proofs that there are no standards when it comes to love. So, if 2 people love each other, they don’t need to care about what other people think.

Fernandes de Silva family

Joelison Fernandes de Silva is the tallest man in Brazil and the third tallest in the world — 7’8″. The man had a lot of trouble when he was a child and he even didn’t leave his home for several years. But these things are in the past now. He is not afraid of leaving his home and he lives a full life now. In 2015, Joelison married Evem Medeiros who is 7 years younger than him and 2.5 ft shorter.

Anton Kraft and China Bell

A 54-year-old Danish man is the world record holder in powerlifting. He is only 4 ft tall but he can lift 4 times his own body weight. But this is not the most interesting fact about his life. For a few years now, China Bell from Florida, who was born a man, has been Anton’s girlfriend.

David Sikorski with his burrito

Once a writer from San Fransisco lost his patience. He couldn’t look at the romantic photos of his friends that were all over his Facebook newsfeed. Some of them got married and some of them had children. So David decided to show everyone what was happening in his life — he went to his favorite diner, bought a burrito there, and had a Love Story photo shoot in 2015.

Verne Troyer and Genevieve Gallen

We all know Verne Troyer from Austin Powers and as the goblin for Gringotts in Harry Potter. Despite his very short height (only 2.5 ft), Vern has always been popular among women who look like models. Troyer had a long relationship with Genevieve Gallen and they got married in February 2004. Yes, the marriage was canceled the next day, but we still think that this couple deserves a place in this list.

Victor Hugo and Gabriela Peralta

This is the most tattooed couple and except for the tattoos, the couple has a total of 77 body modifications. For example, they have 50 piercings, implanted teeth, rings, scars, and so on. Victor and Gabriela have been happily married for more than 15 years. They have their own tattoo parlor where they work together.

Beautiful Existence married herself

Meet Beautiful Existence. Before she was 42 years old, this American woman, who is a single mother of 2 children, had a different name — Desiree Longabaugh. And she wasn’t really happy in her love life. But once, she realized that before building a relationship with someone, every person needs to marry themselves. She officially changed her name and organized a wedding ceremony in Paris, near the Eiffel Tower.

Elisany da Silva Cruz and Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho

And here is Brazil and the tallest person again. But this time, it’s a girl whose name is Elisany da Silva Cruz. She is the tallest person in the world — 6’7″ tall. It would seem logical if her partner was Joelison Fernandes de Silva, who was mentioned at the beginning of the article, but that’s not the case. Elisany has been together with Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho for several years now and he is 1.4 ft shorter than her. The couple sees no problems and they are very happy together.

Gloria Shuri Henry and Ali Lawrie

This couple was a real bombshell on Instagram. Have you ever seen a man looking like Greek god dating a plump woman who wears glasses? Haters didn’t believe this love, but the wedding photos left them no choice. Gloria and Ali look very happy. As you can see, different lifestyles are not always a problem.

The smallest couple in the world Paulo and Katyucia​​​​​​​

And this is probably a very ordinary couple consisting of 2 very unordinary people. It’s as if Paulo and Katyucia were meant to be together — they both are pretty much the same height — 3 ft. They met a few years ago and got married in 2016. They spent their honeymoon in London where they got their Guinness World Records certificate as the shortest couple in the world.

Ashley Stevens and Christopher Reed

The photo of this couple was posted by their friend on Reddit. The friend wrote, “My friend caught the bouquet. That is her boyfriend in the background.” Ashley Stevens and Christopher Reed were shocked by the reaction of people online. A lot of internet bullies either didn’t believe that such a beautiful girl would date an overweight guy or offended both of them in an extremely rude way.

Even though Ashley and Christopher didn’t take the bullying lightly, they try not to pay attention to absolute strangers judging people they don’t know by just one photo. They have been together for over 2 years and they are a great example of a strong and happy couple.

Who would you give the award for “The Coolest Couple” to?


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