10+ Couples Who Proved Nothing Can Stand Between You and Your True Love

One of the best emotions a person can have is love, which has the power to completely upend our lives. However, not all love stories are without challenges, and you might need to go past a few hurdles before reaching your soulmate. Some have traveled back and forth to spend their entire lives with the people they love, proving that nothing can stand in the way of 2 people who are madly in love.

  • My grandparents were married for 53 years before they diagnosed my grandfather with cancer. From the time he was bedridden until his passing, my grandmother never left the house once, and mostly lay in bed with him; she stroked his hair and kissed his lips, and talked to him about the long life they had together. It was beautiful to see such passion and commitment to one person entirely. — © Mild_Misanthropy / Reddit
  • I’m German, and in the summer of 2013, I was in England for 2 weeks. I had a lot of fun meeting people and living with a host family. On our last evening, the whole group ate pizza at a restaurant. I sat there with my friend and all of a sudden a girl I haven’t seen before sat down on the other side of the table. We had one of the most magical and enthusiastic conversations ever.
    I’ve never felt such a deep and strong connection to anyone. Unfortunately, we were separated. She lives in the south of Germany, and I am from the north. I’m so glad I asked her for her number. We’ve chatted since then every day, and it’s still amazing because she felt the same way I did. There are like 500 km between us, but as soon as I can finally hug and feel her, this story will be complete. — © HayricanSAMA / Reddit
  • My parents met in Yosemite. My dad saw my mom who was on vacation from El Salvador from across the river. He didn’t speak any Spanish, and my mom spoke almost no English. He crashed the bonfire my mom was enjoying with her family, and luckily my mom’s cousin spoke English and told my dad that my mom thought he was cute. Long story short, they got married 3 months later and are still happily married and madly in love with each other 27 years later. — © FlyLo760 / Reddit
  • My grandparents grew up 8 miles apart in poor farming families. When they started dating, my grandmother’s parents thought he was a terrible person because his family was bootleggers. When he was hospitalized for pneumonia, she would visit him every day. Her family finally relented and let them get married. He became very successful as a farmer. They had 6 kids and were married for over 60 years.
    In the end, my grandma had Alzheimer’s. After 8 years in a nursing home, she was a little more than a vegetable. My grandfather still went to visit her every day. When our local priest asked why he went each day, he said, “I know she isn’t there, she’s already gone on to somewhere better. But I have to go. I promised to always be by her side, and that’s where I’ll be.” — © kubigjay / Reddit
  • We worked together. I thought she was among the most beautiful women I’d ever met and was definitely way out of my league — Harvard undergrad, student consultant, all of that. Not to mention, she was dating a similarly credentialed (and much better-looking) man.
    Eventually, we were no longer dating other people, and I was shocked to realize that she actually might have liked me! But she was moving to California (from Boston) in just a few weeks. Completely on a whim, she asked if I wanted to go on vacation to Switzerland with her — after only dating for about a week. I took about 1/4 of a second to say yes; we went to the most beautiful mountain country you’ll ever see, and several years later, we were married. — © the_mighty_skeetadon / Reddit

  • My parents got married one day, out of the blue, after having dated for 6 months. So they went to the courthouse the next day and got married. They were 19 and 21 at the time. 33 years later, they are still married and googly-eyed for each other. — © ComeFromTheWater / Reddit

What have you done for love, and what would you do to be with your other half?

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