10 Fashion Secrets You Can Use if You Have Thick Arms

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2 years ago

Thinking body positive can make all the difference between feeling uncomfortable or comfortable with yourself. However, it’s okay to admit that you don’t necessarily love everything about your body. Sometimes, we have areas that we wish we could conceal a little more to highlight others.

At Bright Side, we think that instead of “hiding” what you don’t like, it’s better to enhance what you do like and wear the clothes you have now, without waiting to be a future idealized version of yourself.

1. Wear sleeves in semi-transparent or lace fabrics.

If you are looking to appear thinner and balance the size of your arms, wear blouses with lace sleeves or that are transparent. The loose fit of these usually doesn’t cover your entire arm and creates an optical illusion to make them look smaller.

They are incredibly comfortable and cool, and you can wear them in spring or summer, especially if you choose neutral colors like white, beige, or pastel colors. They go with any accessory and will really give you a sophisticated look.

2. Avoid wide sleeves on the thick part of your arm.

It’s better to not wear wide sleeves. Generally, these are usually wider in the thick part of the arm, which generates the opposite effect of the previous point. In addition, it completely distorts the silhouette.

Wear simple and fitted sleeves, perhaps on a blouse in a bright color, that harmonize your silhouette and that you can better combine with a loose skirt.

3. Opt for blouses with wide straps.

You may think that a sleeveless blouse is not something for you, but the truth is that this type of blouse can be a great ally. Of course, as long as it has wide straps.

There are many garments with wide straps, from blouses, dresses, palazzos, overalls, etc. Do not limit your creativity, because no garment is forbidden.

4. Use 3/4 sleeves to your advantage.

It’s a good idea to wear 3/4 sleeves, as they are versatile for both casual and more formal looks. They are also a very flattering sleeve style for voluminous arms. They are perfect for styling, even more so when worn in dark, solid colors without a lot of appliqués. You can combine them with baggy pants or voluminous skirts.

5. Wear the right blazer.

Don’t underestimate the power of jackets with shoulder pads. Roll up the arms of your jacket a little bit, so they don’t sit just above the wrist, your arms will feel liberated, and they will look longer, showing off your gorgeous skin. Also, you can accessorize your wrist with watches, bracelets, and more.

Skip straight jackets or jackets with straight sleeves, the sleeves have to fit you perfectly and the jacket has to be cut at the waist.

6. Choose sweaters wisely.

Choose loose-fitting, slim sweaters with dropped shoulders. Not only do they look very feminine, but they can also be combined with denim to make a casual combo. On the other hand, light-colored sweaters or sweaters made of fabric that is too thick may not work for you.

7. Always wear something strapless in combination with something else

Strapless is a style that you may be a little reserved to wear, but as long as you wear your hair down, a necklace, shawl, or any accessory above your shoulders, it can have a sophisticated effect on your look. A single strap is not a good idea if you want to hide the volume.

8. Wear bows or wide necklaces.

If you feel insecure about your thick shoulders, then you can draw attention away from them. Simply wear blouses with bows or with something flashy, gold, or with stones on the fabric that will show off your neck and give you confidence in your outfit.

9. Don’t neglect asymmetrical tops.

Asymmetrical tops are magic, they break the line around your arms, thus making them look thinner and slimmer. In addition, leaving one of your shoulders uncovered is a very original and attractive touch.

10. Wear a V-neckline and simple sleeves.

This is one of our winning outfits. Not only can you wear the V-neckline for a casual occasion, but it’s also a versatile look for a night out. It looks cute in all seasons and can even be worn with tights underneath. The beautiful way it defines the silhouette from the shoulders to the waist really helps to define the shape of the arms.

What clothes do you think can make you feel more comfortable in your daily life? What other part of your body makes you feel insecure when it comes to dressing?


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