What the Children of 15 Iconic People Do and Look Like These Days

2 years ago

Many great people, like Bill Gates, Stephen King, and Miuccia Prada are legends and they have millions of dollars. And their children are already prepared to replace their famous parents: some of them are just starting on their paths, and others are already pretty famous.

We at Bright Side decided to find out what the children of famous people look like and what they are doing now, and we want to share what we found with you.

Finty Williams

Finty Williams is the only child Dame Judi Dench ever shared with her late husband, Michael Williams. Not only did she inherit her mother’s beauty, but Williams also followed in her footsteps and became a full-time actress. She also does voice work for children’s animated series and audiobooks.

Deacon Phillippe

Deacon Philippe, son of the Legally Blonde star, Reese Witherspoon, and actor Ryan Philippe, is a singer and a songwriter. The actress promoted her son’s first single on her Instagram account. “When your kid has his first single...you gotta dance!” she wrote.

Eve Jobs

Eve Jobs is the 22-year-old daughter of Apple founder Steve Jobs and his second wife Laurene Powell. At the moment, Eve is at Stanford University, where her mother went and where her parents first met. Recently, she started her modeling career and became the face of the cosmetics brand Glossier.

Jennifer Katharine Gates

The oldest daughter of the famous businessman, Bill Gates, and his wife, Melinda, 25-year-old Jennifer didn’t become a business mogul like her father. In 2018, she got a medical degree from Stanford University. And now she’s studying at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and sees herself as a pediatrician or a family doctor in the future.

Lorenzo Bertelli

Lorenzo Bertelli is the 33-year-old son of the legendary Italian designer, Miuccia Prada, and her businessman husband, Patrizio Bertelli. Lorenzo was a famous Italian racer.

However, he stopped racing and started working with the Prada brand. In 2017, he started working as the head of marketing and communications at this huge company.

Leni Olumi Klum

Leni Olumi Klum is the 16-year-old daughter of the famous model, Heidi Klum, and Italian businessman Flavio Briatore, who broke up with Heidi before Leni was born and hasn’t taken any part in her life. But the famous singer, Seal, who Heidi was also with for some time, played a huge part in raising Leni.

Leni has always wanted to become a model but her mother wouldn’t let her start a career at an early age. When Leni turned 16, Heidi allowed her to start her Instagram page and appear on the cover of Vogue.

Joseph Hillstrom King

Joseph Hillstrom King is the son of the legendary writer, Stephen King, and his wife, Tabitha, who is also a writer. He is famous under the name Joe Hill since he chose to not be compared to his famous and successful father.

His first novel, Heart-Shaped Box, was released in 2007. In 2010, he wrote Horns; in 2013, NOS4A2; and in 2016, The Fireman. He also created the comic series, Locke & Key that was published from 2008 to 2013. He won 2 British Fantasy Awards for this series in 2009 and 2012, and in 2011, he won an Eisner Award.

Sofia Richie

The youngest daughter of the famous pop singer, Lionel Richie, and his second wife, Diane Alexander, 22-year-old Sofia is already famous in the world of fashion and blogging. She’s taken part in advertisements for many brands, including Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, and Michael Kors. And the young model already has 6.5 million subscribers on her Instagram page.

Even though she’s famous exclusively as a model, Sofia has always been interested in music. At the age of 5, she was already able to sing, at 7 she would play the piano, and when she was a teenager, she played music with Joel Madden, the singer of Good Charlotte. But Sofia decided to give up her music career due to the pressure of living up to her father’s fame, which is hard to compete with.

Willow Camille Reign Smith

Willow Smith is the 20-year-old daughter of the famous actor, Will Smith, and actress Jada Pinkett Smith, and has a music career just like her brother Jaden. Willow has 4 albums: Ardipithecus, The 1st, Willow, and a collaboration with Tyler Cole called The Anxiety. Additionally, she has 4 mini-albums: 3, Interdimensional Tesseract, Mellifluous, and RISE.

Willow debuted in movies in 2007 in I Am Legend with her famous father. Later, you may have seen her in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, and she did voice work for Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. In 2017, she also did voice work with her brother in Neo Yokio.

Willow, along with her mother, Jada, and her grandmother, Adrienne, created a show called Red Table Talk where they discuss different problems and express their opinions, trying to understand each other and overcome the generation gap.

Catherine Lucy Hawking

The daughter of the English physicist Steven Hawking and writer Jane Wilde Hawking, 50-year-old Lucy Hawking, built a career in journalism. She’s written articles for Daily Mail, The Times, Telegraph, The Guardian, and others.

Aside from journalism, Lucy writes novels and books for children. The most famous is a series of books about George written together with Steven Hawking. Also, Lucy is also a trustee of the Autism Research Trust and a vice president of the National Star College, which helps people with disabilities realize their potential.

Jakob Luke Dylan

Jakob Luke Dylan is the 51-year-old son of the legendary musician, Bob Dylan, and model, Sara Dylan. Jakob is famous as the leader of the band, The Wallflowers, and is also a solo singer. He has 2 Grammy awards and his 2010 solo album, Women + Country earned 12th place on the Billboard 200 and is considered the most successful record of his career after the breakthrough of Bringing Down the Horse, which was released with the band in 1996.

In 2018, the documentary, Echo in the Canyon, which Jakob starred in, was released. It’s about the music that came out of Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles in the middle of the ’60s.

Mickey Sumner

Mickey Sumner is the 37-year-old daughter of the musician, Sting, and actress Trudie Styler. Mickey didn’t become a musician like her father, but she did become an actress like her mother.

She is most famous for appearing in the comedy, Frances Ha; the biography, CBGB; the crime drama, Low Winter Sun; and the post-apocalyptic series, Snowpiercer. But most of the time, she gets supporting roles, like the one she played in Marriage Story.

Jake Hoffman

Jake Hoffman is the 40-year-old son of Dustin Hoffman and his wife, Lisa Hoffman. Like his father, Jake is also interested in cinema, but he’s more focused on directing. In 2003, Jake finished his education at NYU Film School. He’s shot music videos and written scripts for short films, which he then directed. His first work as a director was with the drama, Asthma, featuring Benedict Samuel and Krysten Ritter, which was released in 2014.

But Jake is most famous for his acting career: he portrayed designer Steve in The Wolf of Wall Street and appeared in the series, Luck, with Dustin Hoffman. And while they didn’t play father and son, they did play grandfather and grandson. Jake also had a supporting role in The Irishman that was released in 2019.

Bee Shaffer

Bee Shaffer is the 33-year-old daughter of the editor-in-chief of American Vogue, Anna Wintour and her first husband David Shaffer. She got her degree from Columbia University and even wrote articles at the beginning of her career. In 2006, she wrote several pieces for The Daily Telegraph. But, unlike her mother, she’s not very interested in fashion.

Later, Bee was a producer for the talk show Late Night With Seth Meyers. At the moment, she works at the Ambassador Theatre Group, and her latest project as a producer was a charity online reading of James and the Giant Peach with Taika and Friends.

Also, in 2018, Bee married the Italian director Francesco Carrozzini, the son of Franca Sozzani, the editor of Italian Vogue. They had 2 wedding ceremonies — one in New York, and the other one in Portofino, where Francesco is from.

Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis

Gabriel-Kane is the son of Sir Daniel Day-Lewis, the only actor in history to win an Oscar for “Best Actor” 3 times. His mother is a French singer and actress, Isabelle Adjani. Unlike his famous father, 26-year-old Gabriel didn’t start an acting career. He chose music, and like his mother, he not only sings and writes songs, but he also plays the piano and guitar.

Gabriel is also a model. He even appeared in a Chanel show with actress Julianne Moore in 2015. He has a contract with IMG Model Management.

Additionally, Gabriel speaks fluent English and French thanks to his parents who were born in different countries.

Do you know anything about other children of famous people?


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It's important that they find a path in their live that is unique to them and that they chase their own goals. It can be very depressing to try and relive the life of your parent


Fun to know, I didn't even know most of them had kids... would be cool to be the son of Hawking :D


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