10 Haircuts that Make Petite Women Stand Out From a Crowd

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3 years ago

Just like clothes and shoes that can help lengthen our stature, a haircut can help “make” us taller. However, finding a haircut suitable for our features, height, personal taste, and hair type is no easy task, especially for petite women.

Bright Side prepared a list of some styles that could give you a new look and lengthen your figure without requiring too many drastic changes. At the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus feature full of perfect hairstyles for shorter women.

1. Bob

The bob has been a consistent trend for some time, and it still remains extremely popular. The cut consists of a cut above the shoulders and is shorter at the nape of the neck and longer in the front. It helps soften features, so it’s perfect for women with a square face.

2. Pixie

Girls can wear the pixie cut with bangs and some layers or to the side with added volume. This style is ideal for short women with sharp or elongated features since leaving the neck open can help them look taller and more polished.

3. Midi

If you’re not a fan of really short hair, you can go for a midi or mid-length haircut. This style barely touches the shoulders and will make your torso appear more elongated. Plus, it’s long enough to allow you to do some updos.

4. Bob carré

The carré is a type of bob cut distinguished by fringes and light waves. This look, in addition to helping to polish your silhouette, makes you appear taller. It also adds a dash of elegance to your appearance. By the way, it’s one of the most popular trends in 2020.

5. Lob

If you, as a petite woman, have a round face, this is your perfect haircut. The lob or long bob can give you a touch of authenticity and freshness. It can also sharpen your features and reveal your chin. This is a very fashionable cut that could make you look amazing.

6. Garçon

The garçon hairstyle is an all-time classic that has been revived as a trend these days. This look slightly covers the ears and completely exposes the nape of the neck while adding volume at the top of the head. It can make you appear taller as well as give you a distinguished and carefree appearance.

7. Mullet

Another style that has made a comeback from the 1990s is the mullet. This cut, shorter in the front and longer in the back, is an original and risky cut that will help you appear taller. It also transforms your appearance into a carefree, fresh one. Would you dare to try this look?

8. A-line pixie

This is another way to wear the pixie cut. It’s a slightly longer version of the traditional style with a side part that produces a sweeter, softer, and more sophisticated look. If you’re short and dare to try this type of cut, it will facilitate your hairstyle, maintenance, and care.

9. Long and straight

If short hair doesn’t suit you or you’re in love with long hair and want to keep it that way, this type of haircut may be ideal for you. And, as a petite girl, it will still help you appear taller. It’s important that if you pick this one, you go for smooth, straight hair because if you add waves or layers, your hair will gain volume, which won’t help to visually lengthen your figure.

10. Chest length

In case you don’t want to give up the length of your hair, a chest-length cut can be the key to your new look. This is neither too long nor too short; it’s highly malleable and will add body and volume to your hair. Plus, since it’s medium length, it’s an ideal cut to play with and create as many hairstyles or updos as you want.

Bonus: hairstyles that will give you the impression of a longer figure

  • Top bun: This bun or updo removes hair from the face and from the nape of the neck and refines the features. It’s comfortable, quick to achieve, and practical.

  • Ponytail: If you go for this option, you can add some volume on top to achieve the desired effect, or you can also make a tight and well-polished ponytail. This one’s a simple and very attractive hairstyle.

  • “Brigitte Bardot” hairstyle: Inspired by the well-known movie actress, this style can be adapted into an updo or a semi-updo. It consists of adding volume or combing the hair around the crown. This technique will not only make you appear taller, but it will also make you look sophisticated and elegant.

Which of these cuts suits you best? Have you tried any of them? Tell us which one you use and let us see how it looks on you!


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maybe you should try to talk to a good stylist who can help you find a very nice looking short hairstyle for your hair?


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