10 Items We Had No Idea Needed to Be Cleaned Every Day

3 years ago

Some people choose to clean their houses every week, others every 15 days, while others clean little by little every now and then. But regardless of the cleaning schedule you have, some items and places should be wiped down every day. Your keyboard, your sink, and your steering wheel, for example, have constant access to bacteria that could be harmful to your health.

To help you figure out exactly what needs to be cleaned, Bright Side made a list of the things that deserve your attention the most.

1. Showerhead

The constant water flow in your shower head doesn’t mean that it’s self-cleaning. Bacteria can grow in it and if you inhale it while showering, it’s reported to be one of the main causes of lung infections.

2. Rings

If you wear a ring every day or if you have a wedding ring and never take it off, it’s better to put its cleaning into your daily routine. Studies have found that the hands of people wearing rings have more bacteria than the ones who don’t.

3. Steering wheel

Car interiors are a big source of harmful bacteria and while you don’t have to clean your car every day, it’s better to at least clean your steering wheel before touching it.

4. Door handles

If there’s an object we touch every day with our dirty hands from the street, it’s our door handles. They can carry hundreds of microorganisms that can impact our health.

5. Keyboard

It’s common for us to use our computer every day and the keyboard, just because it’s touched so often, is the source of several types of bacteria. The good news is that a simple cleaning with antibacterial wet wipes can lead to a significant reduction in dirtiness.

6. Remote control

Another object we touch every day is our remote control. Researchers have already found yeast, mold, and bacteria on this household item, so it’s better to set aside a few minutes at the end of the day to clean it.

7. Light switch

Light switches often go unnoticed while we’re cleaning our home, but they are also a place where germs and bacteria like to hide. To prove this, studies found that they’re one of the dirtiest places in a hotel room.

8. Bathroom sink

We wash our hands and brush our teeth every day, more than once, so it’s no surprise that bathroom sinks can be constantly dirty, being home to more than 50,000 bacteria. A daily wipe with an anti-bacterial solution can kill this colony in an instant.

9. Toothbrush

Food particles and plaque get stuck in our toothbrushes every day. Also, most of us keep this item exposed in the bathroom, leaving its bristles to be a source of multiple types of bacteria. That’s why it’s better to clean our toothbrushes daily and soak them in an antibacterial mouthwash.

10. Windowsills

Pollen, mold, and other dirt particles can be stuck on our bedroom windowsills, increasing allergy attacks while we sleep. Wipe it down every day before going to bed and get rid of undesirable health problems.

Do you already clean these places and objects on a daily basis? If not, what will you now include in your cleaning routine?


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I always wear ring when I go out, how ever what COVID taught me is being more careful and never remove the rings before washing my hands ;)


I clean my keyboard from time to time, but I noticed that not eating at the pc really helps keeping it clean


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