10 must-have products for all the foodies out there

2 months ago

Aren’t you fed up with your pizza getting squished or your burger falling apart mid-bite? Don’t sweat it, our hungry friend! We’ve got your back. We took pains to discover all these quirky items that will improve your day if you’re into tasty goodies.

1. Use these silicone pizza containers to preserve the leftover cheesy goodness. This multipurpose product can also be handy for storing fruit, food, pastries, and candy in it. You can easily freeze your foods in the containers and then heat them in the microwave.

These containers can withstand temperatures between −40 °C and 200 °C. They are also dishwasher-safe. Each container can hold up to 5 slices of pizza.

Promising reviews:

  • It’s a tight squeeze to fit 3 slices in here, so my only wish is that it was just a little larger. Other than that, it’s great not to have to store large pizza boxes in the fridge anymore! — Louise
  • I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’m excited to try it when I get pizza again. It’s a great alternative to aluminum foil or a take-out container.
    I like that it can be put in a dishwasher. It’s all silicone, which is nice, but I don’t think I’d microwave my pizza in it. It’s really nice with the little dividers, though. — Emily M

2. This hamburger holder will keep your hands grease-free! The device is adjustable, which makes it suitable for different kinds and sizes of burgers.

The device is easy to clean; it comes apart for washing and is dishwasher-safe. The product is sturdy. It will last a long time, saving your clothes from a mess.

Promising review:

  • Contained the drippy mess! With no indoor dining right now, it was perfect for eating in the truck! — Shanzelka

3. Keep all your snacks as fresh as possible using these super-fun clips. They look just like cute, curly French fries! The product is very convenient to use. The box is a magnet, so you can easily stick it onto your fridge and never lose it.

These food clips will work for bread, snacks, grains, and pasta. They will keep the baggies neatly sealed and your food fresh. The set includes 12 adorable clips.

Promising review:

  • These clips work fine with a very cute French fried design; the magnet on the fried box allows the box to stick on the fridge and keeps all the unused clips in place. Although the clip itself is a little bit too light to seal a larger bag, this product is still worth a try. — SK L.

4. Pick up your tasty snacks while keeping your fingers clean and non-greasy with these smart little chopsticks. The product is a game-changer and surely adds a bit of fun to your daily routine. Now you can have a bite and, at the same time, be totally invested in browsing, gaming, or working.

These thick and sturdy chopsticks will work perfectly with a variety of snacks: French fries, crackers, peanuts, and more. It is made of food-grade plastic and is completely safe to use.

Promising review:

  • These trainer chopsticks I use for snacking while gaming. This way, my fingers don’t get my controller or keyboard all gross. — Bork Family

5. Become an organizational pro with this bamboo organizer. The product will help you find a place for differently-sized baggies and carefully store them until they are needed. The organizer comes with a foil and plastic wrap dispenser and cutter.

The organizer is very spacious. It has 4 compartments. The slots are wide and can perfectly fit most sizes of zip-lock bags from different brands. The device will for sure help you declutter your kitchen and organize your things neatly.

Promising review:

  • What a wonderful tool in my kitchen! It’s made of beautiful, smooth, and well-manufactured bamboo! It is extremely neat and well-made, with little magnets that hold the lid to the top. I filled my gallon-size Ziploc bags, quart-size, snack-size bags, clips, and also my foil in the dispenser that cuts very neatly each sheet that’s needed.
    Excellent price for this quality! Every household should have one of these! This is very giftable, and I will be purchasing more in the future as gifts to my hostess!! No more messy boxes that I have to fumble around and grab the Ziploc bags out of. Everything is neatly and attractively stored in a convenient bamboo box! I love this! Extremely smooth and well-made bamboo. — Mrs Claudia Hill

6. These dachshund chopstick holders will add a special charm to your interior. They are made from high-quality ceramics and are very versatile. You can use each item as a knife, fork, or spoon holder. The product makes a beautiful and useful gift for your loved ones.

The ceramics were fired at high temperatures, which makes them strong, safe, and secure. The holders will make your table fun. The package includes 4 beautiful ceramic doggos. They come in 4 different colors.

Promising review:

  • Granddaughter loves to use her chopsticks, and she loves these. Too cute. — becky’s

7. Your favorite food is ready in minutes with this versatile ramen bowl set! It will save you a lot of time and effort. The set consists of the big soup bowl, the drain bowl, and the small bowl at the top. It comes with a fork, spoon, and chopsticks. The product is thoroughly designed. This ramen cooker is equipped with a handy side handle. And you can easily take it out of your microwave without scalding your hands.

This set will be a perfect choice for heating ramen, spaghetti, cheese, soup, cereal, oatmeal, or any other food in a microwave.

Promising review:

  • This has made being out of my home so much easier. It’s good for ramen and oatmeal. It’s easy to wash, store, and carry. — Korina Jimenez

8. These titanium chopsticks with a carrying case are a must for any foodie. They are lightweight and tough at the same time. They are durable, dishwasher-safe, and corrosion-resistant.

Take these chopsticks with you on a trip; they will not lead you down. They are perfect for camping as well as for everyday lunches.

Promising review:

  • I love everything about these chopsticks. They’re super lightweight, they hold onto food really well, and they are super easy to use, not to mention they look really sleek. I love the carrying case so much that I bought two pairs—one black and one green. I can’t recommend these sticks enough! — kristy wood

9. Check out this storage container with a lid and handle that is made of high-quality plastic. It is very sturdy and is not easily deformed. The material is odorless. The product is just perfect for storing pizza, cookies, or the whole pie.

Put this container in the refrigerator or leave it on the kitchen counter to store overnight pizzas. The product has a divider in the middle for storing two slices. You can also remove it to make more room for larger foods.

Promising review:

  • I love this container; it is great for storing pizza or home-baked cookies with the insert. It is also great for a pie with the insert removed. I would never trust the carrying handle 100%, so no negative experiences there. — Meredith

10. Mmm...donuts. These super-cuddly pillows are perfect for a sweet tooth. You can almost smell the frosting! These softest pillows are made with premium skin-friendly polyester fabric, which is breathable and comfy to the touch.

Good news for people who aren’t fans of donuts: these pillows come in different designs. You can choose from squishy croissants, hot dogs, cinnamon buns, and even cucumbers.

Promising review:

  • I’m loving this giant donut pillow. It’s super soft and cuddly, even though it comes rolled up flat as a pancake, lol. Don’t worry. It will fluff up really nicely. Perfect, fun, comfy pillow for my sofa.
    I’m getting a few more to balance things out. It’s sort of like a squishmallow if you’re wondering about the density or stiffness of the pillow. I ended up getting 2 medium-sized and the hot dog. Now my sofa is super cool and fun. — Star808

We hope that our picks will fulfill your wildest cravings! And if you didn’t find everything you needed, there are more where these gems came from. You can definitely find something neat for a foodie to fall in love with.

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews could have been edited for length and clarity.

Preview photo credit Shanzelka / Amazon, Amazon


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