10+ People Reveal Their Most Curious Discoveries

2 months ago

Every day, more than 3.2 billion pictures get shared worldwide. Let’s face it, out of all these, only a few are really cool or make you feel something special. That’s why we’ve rounded up a selection of some truly interesting stuff people have come across in their not-so-ordinary day. So lay back, take a break and check them out!

“A tooth that I grew in my abdomen”

“Bird eyelashes are tiny feathers.”

“My cat left its claw in me.”

“My cotton candy shriveled after leaving it in the hotel room in the tropical country I’m visiting.”

“My son was born with an extra thumb.”

“$100 fine for eating durian fruit in my hotel in Vietnam.”

“This is common across the whole durian growing region because the smell lingers for a long time.”

“My brown dog has 6 white hairs on the tip of her tail.”

“My hands under a UV light”

“My dash camera produces just enough heat to prevent overnight frost buildup.”

"My hand skin sheds once every year.’

“This picture is not photoshopped: my view flying out of Las Vegas.”

“My heart medication is shaped like little hearts.”

"Thousands of star fish washed up on shore in the Netherlands.’

“In China, urinals can conduct a health check-up for you, for a fee.”

Calcium and sediment buildup in a domestic hot water pipe of a high-rise hotel.”

“My feet turned really wrinkly from walking in sweaty boots all day.”

Preview photo credit Rideak / Reddit


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