15+ Pics That Prove Parents Are Definitely the Strongest of Us

Silence can be a scary sound for caregivers, as there are many stories of kids making mischief while playing in the next room. Without a doubt, parenting is one of the hardest jobs around, but there are some parents that make it look like a walk in the park.

Our Bright Side team wanted to show you 15+ pics of people whose parenting abilities may surprise you and even make you want kids of your own.

1. “Honestly stunned that this worked.”

2. “I fed my kid real food for the first time.”

3. “Explained how to make ’snow angels’ to my kids. Forgot one important detail.”

4. “My kid said I gave her too many grapes. I said just eat half of ’em.”

5. “My kid during his birthday safari”

6. “My daughter dressed as me.”

7. “My daughter made this out of hot glue and painted it, then relaxed and waited as I found it.”

8. “My daughter has figured out how to change the picture on my watch by using my phone.”

9. “My son did not enjoy this book.”

10. “My kid wanted to ’open’ the banana by herself this morning.”

11. “We found my wife’s phone in the toilet. We weren’t sure
which of our kids put it there until my wife scrolled through her pictures today.”

12. “My kid swallowed a penny while showing his little brother how he accidentally swallowed a sim key the day before.”

13. “My grandfather — the face of a man who had 9 kids.”

14. “My kids had been so excited to grow watermelon but were less than enthused about our end-of-summer harvest.”

15. “My 8-year-old just came to the realization that since we allowed him to get an adult meal, he doesn’t get the free ice cream that comes with the kids’ meals.”

16. “My niece is crowned ’hide and seek champion’ once again.”

17. “My little artist”

What’s the funniest mischief your kid has ever gotten into? Tell us in the comments about an anecdote your parents told you when you were a kid.

Preview photo credit SpeakEasyChef / Reddit


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