10 People Who Don’t Need Any Documents to Prove They’re Family

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Some people are spitting images of their relatives, and it might seem like nature just copy-pasted them. Years later, they notice the similarities that give them away — a mere glance is enough to see that they’re related. And that’s the case with these 10 people who realized that they share not just blood but also facial features.

1. “My brother and me”

“Hey man, why’d you shave your head and grow out your beard?”

“Uh, no reason...”

sees picture of sister


Omnipotent_Goose / Reddit

2. “Gee, my sister and I do look alike.”

3. “A face swap proved that we look more alike than we believed.”

4. “My son and me — it looks like we’re high-fiving through the decades!”

5. “We’re always told we look alike. Dad wanted my Internet friends to confirm.”

6. “My friend doesn’t think he looks like his grandmother.”

7. “Found a photo of my grandad in the mid-1930s at a similar age. I never realized how much we looked alike.”

8. “Like mother, like daughter — her at 22 and me at 23”

9. “A picture of my grandmother and me when she was in her twenties. People say I have similar features as her.”

10. “My friend’s newborn baby was born with the same birthmark in her hair as her mother.”

Who do you take after more? Has anyone ever mistaken you for your relative?

Preview photo credit ZeroTransPat / Reddit


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