10+ Odd Bathrooms That Made People Scream “I Don’t Need to Go Anymore!”

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We spend, on average, 2 years of our lives using the bathroom. While 7 out of 10 adults find sharing a bathroom with another person a frustrating endeavor, this statistic could plummet to 0 if the 7 people ever have to use any of the toilets we found below. These bathroom designers probably had a field day trying to put every piece of the following rooms together, and thankfully, we now appreciate our porcelain thrones even more than before.

“This local mall wants to make sure you understand that this urinal is for kids.”

“Went to go to the bathroom at a local restaurant and found this poor choice of wallpaper.”

“This house with a toilet window”

“My mom’s boyfriend built an outdoor urinal.”

“The only toilet lid that can always stay up”

“This sink I almost mistook as a urinal”

“Don’t worry, if it gets hot enough, the door will fog up with steam.”

“The carpet under a urinal”

This is my grandma’s bathroom. It’s super useful. No need for towels, just roll around."

“As if public toilets didn’t make me nervous enough.”

“This transparent toilet door in an office building — no, it’s not one of the fancy ones that go opaque when closed.”

“This waiting area for the toilet”

“You have to step over the bathtub to get between the toilet and the sink.”

“This is actually clever because people don’t want to poop in there, which means that there is less cleaning for the janitorial staff.”

“Fake grass around the toilet in the men’s bathroom”

“Toilets at my school — you can see someone peeing from outside.”

One of the few shows where the backstage meets the mainstage

“This bar’s restroom has a mirror for each urinal.”

If you had to use the bathroom, which ones from the above would you not mind using? What’s the ratio of people to toilets in your household?


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