10 Personal Hygiene Habits You Might Be Mistakenly Following

3 years ago

Sometimes we wonder how people survived without the internet and its endless tips on how to better take care of ourselves. Seems like every day we stumble upon a new piece of advice about hygiene and have no idea how we’ve managed to survive without it. If you’re the same, then we have a new batch of tips that you can add to your routine today.

We at Bright Side are always into filling in the gaps of our habits, and this time, we’re debunking common hygiene mistakes you might actually be guilty of making.

1. Rinsing out toothpaste with water after brushing

Dentists say it’s much better for our teeth if we spit out toothpaste after brushing, because it helps us to retain its best ingredient — fluoride. By swirling water in our mouths, we decrease its preventative effects and therefore are more prone to tooth decay.

2. Not cleaning your hairbrush

Our hairbrushes are a huge breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s recommended to wash them every one or 2 weeks. Considering that we usually use a hairbrush every day, it’s terrifying to think about how long we sometimes go without properly cleaning it. A regular shampoo will do the trick.

3. Storing bath towels in the bathroom

Towels can get contaminated extremely easily in a bathroom. For example, flushing your toilet with the lid open, spraying aerosol, and overall moisture can help bacteria to settle on your seemingly fresh and fluffy towels. We advise bringing in your bath towels from a linen closet outside, otherwise, you might get sick.

4. Completely removing nose hairs

We usually associate body hair with something unsanitary, but in the case of your nose, there are absolutely zero health benefits to removing the hairs. They catch dust and other allergens from entering your lungs, so unless the hairs are peaking outside of your nose, leave them be. Otherwise do some light grooming on the surface.

5. Washing your hands with hot water

We grew up to believe that hot water fights germs better, but there is no difference between high and low temperatures from the tap. Your water would have to be around 212°F (100°C) to be dangerous to bacteria. In addition, hot water can be aggressive on your skin, which can lead to dry hands. Just wash them for a longer period of time, instead of in hotter water.

6. Overly long shower curtain

Folds in your shower curtain are the best place for moisture-loving bacteria. We close the curtain to let it dry after bath time but forget about the creases on the floor. Make sure it’s hanging neatly above your bathroom tiles and you’ll be all set.

7. Putting deodorant on right after your shower

Many of us rush to put on deodorant straight after the shower to instantly prevent any sweating, but we’re actually doing ourselves a disservice. Unless your skin is perfectly dry, your deodorant won’t perform as well. Be patient and, as a result, sweat-free.

8. Washing your body with a loofah

We’re sure you’ve heard that you should change your loofa every couple of months because it’s yet another germ center in your bathroom. Still, how confident are you in your shower sponge anyway? It’s better to make the switch to silicone scrubbers. It has no porous surfaces, so it’s easy to clean and it doesn’t accumulate bacteria. Plus, it’ll last you way longer and be more gentle on your skin because of its hypoallergenic properties.

9. Cleaning the bathroom at room temperature

You’ll be amazed at the difference in cleaning if you preheat your bathroom beforehand. Warm temperatures will make your products more effective and overall scrubbing much easier. Just run a hot shower and let the room steam up before giving it a wash.

10. Going barefoot in a public shower

The floor is the dirtiest surface in the bathroom, even at your home. Now imagine what it’s like at a gym or a hotel. We shudder at the very thought of touching those tiles even with one toe. Medical experts warn there can be countless infections, so do yourself a favor and don’t skip out on bringing shower shoes if you know you might be in need of them.

Are any of these habits part of your routine? Do you know of any life-changing tips on how to keep yourself and your household squeaky clean?


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I definitely knew the one about what temperature to wash your hands with. No one seems to believe me because of how they were raised. My parents just cared that I was clean, they never specified a temperature so maybe the “myth debunk” I heard as an adult was easier for me to accept 😂 I did not know about plenty of the other tips on here, so thank you!!


when I was a kid my mom told me many scary stories about that could happen if I go to a public shower without slippers. I scared ever since and always go with those on 👍😅


at my place we have no loofahs or brushes like this. We just use soap and coffee scrubs and it's all good


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