10 Photos With Heart-Touching Stories Behind Them

3 years ago

Sometimes really bad things can happen around us, ones that are difficult to cope with. The stories in this article will remind you that everything around us is actually made of kindness and that we humans are made to support each other and bond together when hard times come.

We at Bright Side sincerely believe that kindness always wins. And the stories below are proof of this. At the end of the article, there's a bonus that will show what love through the years is like.

10. A woman shared the photos that show how Alzheimer's disease changed her mom's mind.

A Reddit user with the nickname wuillermania posted a heartbreaking photo with different works that her mom has crocheted. The difference between the first accurate colorful square and the last piece of tangled wool is 2 years. That's the amount of time Alzheimer's disease took to destroy the woman's mind.

This post instantly received a bunch of comments - the users supported the author's family by sharing their own stories about how this scary disease affected their families.

"I just want to thank everyone for your kind words and messages that you sent to me. Also, I want to wish those who have encountered this situation strength and patience," wrote the author of this post in the comments.

9. A costume designer in the USA gave this butterfly an opportunity to fly.

Before passing away, Romy's mother told her, "Every time you see a butterfly, know that it's me who came to visit you." It happened several years ago when Romy's mom was sick with cancer. Afterward, the girl decided that she would try to do her best to protect butterflies in this world.

Every time she found caterpillars in her garden, she would take them inside her house for safekeeping in a special tank where they could grow up and turn into butterflies. Romy was extremely happy to let them go. But once she noticed that one of the butterflies was born with a damaged wing.

"At first, I wanted to keep it with me to prevent it from dying in the outside world. But later my friend sent me a link to instructions on how to repair a butterfly's wing," says Romy.

It turned out to be difficult but the girl managed to fix the wing and the butterfly was able to fly again. "There was a moment when I thought that it didn't work out because the butterfly kept lying on the grass. But when I went closer, it took off."

8. This American football star is having lunch with a boy that the other children avoid because of his autism.

This heart touching photo was shared by the boy's mother. She writes that despite her son being kind and communicative, the other children still avoid him because he has autism. He almost always has lunch alone. But then she got this photo from a friend of hers saying, "Travis Rudolph is eating lunch with your son!"

They introduced themselves to each other, had lunch together, and later other players on his team joined them to chat and give company to the boy.

"I don't know why you decided to have lunch with my son but we are very grateful and will never forget about this," the boy's mom wrote on Facebook.

7. A soldier at the funeral of his best friend

Kyle first met the German shepherd Bodza during a military mission. They had been working together and soon became friends. Bodza was a specially trained dog for detecting explosives and had saved Kyle's life many times during their service together.

"I took him home the same day that his service was over due to his age," says Kyle. "Bodza was amazing - restless, liked to play, and his faithfulness had no limits."

But after some time Bodza was diagnosed with an incurable disease and it became difficult for him to walk or even stand on his legs, he was in constant pain. "I decided to euthanize him because life became unbearable for him." The day it happened, Kyle knew for sure that he should be by his side. "I was hugging him when he was leaving and he smiled to me at the end. It seems that was a relief for him."

The military man still keeps a photo of his friend in a frame in a special place.

6. An old man whose house has just burned down is hugging a kitten.

Ali, a pensioner from a village in Turkey, and his family just lost everything in a fire. The house where they were living burned to ashes. Fortunately, no one was injured and the pensioner even managed to save his kitten from the house. While the house was burning, the old man found his friend and took him outside. The photos of a crying man hugging a saved kitten with ashes in the background, spread around the world and people were amazed by his actions.

Governmental authorities helped Ali and his family. A new house has been prepared for them where they are now happily living together with their beloved pet.

5. The father of a deceased girl asked the users of a site to Photoshop a photo of his daughter.

"Photoshop Request: My daughter recently passed away after a long battle in the children's hospital. Since she was in the hospital her whole life we were never able to get a photo without all her tubes. Can someone remove the tubes from this photo?" That was a request Sophia's father posted on Reddit, the girl passed away 6 weeks after birth.

After some time, plenty of Photoshopped photos and paintings appeared on the site. "All I and my wife wanted was a nice picture. What we received was a lot of love and support from a bunch of strangers along with a lot of great photos, drawings, and paintings. This is really amazing," Sophia's father wrote.

4. A cadet made his dream come true - he graduated from a military academy and became a pilot.

At the commencement ceremony at West Point, N.Y. one of the graduates couldn't hold back his tears.

When Idrache came to the USA from Haiti he didn't speak English well. He never even thought that one day he might make his dream of becoming a military pilot come true. "In the place where I am from, people don't dream of becoming pilots, they have more down-to-earth dreams," says Idrache. "Our family was not rich but my parents did everything to give me a good education." Eventually, Idrache served in the army, entered one of the most prestigious military academies in the world, and made his dream come true.

"I was thinking about people who had been standing in the same place before me and pledging the same oath and I couldn't contain my emotions."

3. Santa Claus is calming down a boy whose dad is seriously ill.

When 12-year-old Jacob came up to Santa, he didn't ask for toys or new gadgets, his only wish for Christmas was his dad's recovery. Jason, Jacob's dad and an electrician by profession, has been in the hospital for the past 2 years.

The photo was taken by a random passer-by who shared it on a social media site. It got many comments and reactions. Users touched by the boys' care about his dad organized a fundraising fund for his treatment.

2. More than 100 pilots came to the funeral to support their colleague whose daughter had died at a school shooting.

This photo was taken at the funeral of Gina Rose - a victim of the Parkland shooting. More than 100 pilots from different airlines came to show support to Gina's parents on such a difficult day, as well as, honor the deceased girl's life. Having lined up in their uniforms, these people have become a true example of solidarity and unity that help us survive the most tragic times.

1. This photo depicts a mother who has lost her foal and a foal who has lost her mom.

This mare lost her baby while in labor. A couple days after, a foal that had lost her mom was brought to her. The photo was taken several hours after they had met.

Bonus: A couple celebrates their 40th wedding anniversary by remaking the same photos and wearing the same thing they did on their wedding day.

Which of these stories impressed you the most? Please let us know in the comments!


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