10 Reasons Why Even a Woman Who Loves You Madly Can Leave You for Good

5 years ago

Many men know that women can be charmingly mysterious and unpredictable, but that’s only until they pack their things and leave. They might just slam the door shut and go away forever while you are at work.

Bright Side has prepared a compilation of situations in relationships when women might leave their partners, even if they love them a lot.

10. She doesn’t feel that she can rely on you.

Even women who love their freedom a lot want to be able to lean on somebody when they need them. And there are periods in women’s lives (like pregnancy or maternity leave) when they need men a lot. Only a reliable person can make a woman feel comfortable.

9. She is tired of meeting your requirements.

Always being in great shape and in a good mood, cooking unique food, reading intelligent books, and being able to communicate with your friends — this is a long list of demands, don’t you think? It’s really tiring to have to constantly meet someone’s requirements all the time.

8. She doesn’t feel like she is the only one.

And it’s not just about cheating. For women, it’s important to see that you love them and to not see you looking at other women.

7. She is tired of your lack of trust and need for total control.

Spending a week trying to get permission to see friends and then having to answer your calls and texts during the whole evening is completely ridiculous. Listening to your suspicions and having to explain every like on Facebook is not a sign of a healthy relationship. There are very few women who enjoy this kind of relationship.

And if you have real reasons to not trust your girlfriend, why not leave her first?

6. You are a source of negative emotions.

You are like this if you are always unhappy, aren’t open to trying new things, and constantly shoot down any and all ideas from your girlfriend because you think that they are ridiculous. At some point she will just want to move on in order to grow and make her and your life more interesting.

5. You are from 2 different worlds.

At the very beginning of a relationship, when we are too much in love to care, we can’t think clearly and we ignore a lot of things like the families we are from, who our friends are, and so on. Only after some time, when the euphoria wears off, do we realize that his friends are people you would never talk to or that her family is absolutely unbearable.

4. You are too childish.

She wants to have children and you want to leave your job and go to Phuket with your friends. Or you want a new gaming console and the biggest piece of the cake. There are exceptions, but in general, women are not ready to have children with people who are immature.

3. She is tired of giving without receiving.

Giving without getting anything in return? Good relationships don’t work this way. 2 single adults can be together only when both of them really want the relationship and when they consistently express their feelings in words and through actions.

2. She is not sure you know what you want.

You don’t want to have to depend on people whose plans are always up in the air. You cannot achieve anything serious with a person who changes their mind all the time.

1. Your plans for the near future are not the same.

You know what you want, she knows what she wants. The problem is, your future plans are really different or contradict each other. For example, she just finished some design courses, learned a language, and is looking into jobs abroad. You’re not going to move from your city or country and you’re looking to build a small house with a nice garden not far from your parents.

Do you agree with these reasons? If you have your own ideas, share them with us!

Illustrated by Natalia Kulakova and Marat Nugumanov for Bright Side


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