10+ Situations That Gave Us Mixed Feelings

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We’ve all had epic failures and strange encounters in our lives. It never ceases to amaze us each time we experience it — it’s as if something new is always happening, making our journey more enjoyable and exciting.

At Bright Side, we collected photos of people who had bizarre but amusing experiences that made for memories.

1. “My little one loves the idea of stinky feet. Kids are weird.”

2. “I booked a cheap hotel in Lisbon with a friend. I pray my friend doesn’t use the bathroom tonight.”

3. “There were 12 minutes left in the washing cycle when I saw this.”

4. “Sea urchins are not friendly to me.”

5. “How do I remove it?”

6. " They stuffed my fry box with paper to give me less."

7. “I turned my back for one second and my son decided to make an omelet.”

8. “Just wanted to fill up a low tire. Guess they ran out.”

9. “The trauma team in the ER cut my front zip bra in half.”

10. “Took an allergy test and am allergic to most things.”

11. “I traveled about 1,500 miles to see Fenway Park for the first time. Here was my view.”

12. " My dog wanted to play fetch. The ball ended up in my coffee."

13. “Can you see why the outlets on the deck don’t work?”

14. “My girlfriend borrowed the car this morning and just sent me this.”

15. “The meat to bread ratio of this sausage roll”

16. A waffle smothered in ants

17. “My grandma forgot the bread croutons in the oven.”

Which one of these images was your favorite? Have you had any similar experiences? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit fartymcfartypants22/Reddit


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