10 Small Tips to Improve Your Outfit and Make It Look More Put Together

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7 months ago

Many times, we stand in front of our closet thinking about what we’re going to wear because nothing convinces us. While it’s true that this daily struggle is very hard, there are also ways to soften this task and even make it more fun. We just need to get creative and make some small modifications to the way we normally wear our clothes.

At Bright Side, we’ve compiled several novelty tricks with which you can level up your most common outfits.

1. The shirt knot

Sometimes when we’re in a hurry, we tie knots in our shirts without really checking if it looks good or not. It can look careless, so a good tip for that not to happen is to give one end a twist and pull the other end through.

2. The knot on coats and dresses

Here’s another knot that can make you look sloppy if it doesn’t look like a perfect bow. However, not all of us know how to tie a bow knot. But we have a hack for you: place both ends of the strap in such a way that they’re shaped like a bow. Then tie them by passing one under the other and pulling. You’ll be left with a bow that you can show off to your friends.

3. A blouse tucked into pants

Since we were little, we were taught that a shirt was tucked into our pants by pushing it with our hands around our waist. While this technique works, it looks nicer if we fold it up and tuck in just the tip of the shirt carefully with our fingers. Then we release the folded part, and that’s it — we have a much neater finish.

4. Wearing scarves and mufflers

Scarves and neckerchiefs can create an amazingly sophisticated look. That being said, you have to know how to tie them around your neck. A beautiful knot can change everything. Try putting your scarf halfway around the front of your neck, then pass the ends behind, bring them forward, and tuck them inside the front.

5. The thinnest parts of the body

A trick that never goes out of fashion is to wisely highlight the parts of our bodies that flatter us the most. For example, if we wear a wide-cut dress, ideally, we should tighten it with a belt to emphasize that slim part of the body. Thus, your figure will look more stylized and even make you look slimmer.

6. Exposed ankles

Another interesting tip to look slimmer is to uncover our ankles, especially if we’re short. When wearing pants, it’s best if they don’t touch our shoes. They should show a little skin, especially in this area of our limbs that is usually thin. To complete our outfit, we can wear high heels.

7. Turning 2 necklaces into one

An accessory that has become very popular lately is the double necklace; that is to say, it has 2 chains, each one with its respective charm. In case we don’t have such a necklace at home, we can always create one using 2 others. The trick is basically just to interchange the clasps at the moment of pointing it so that both chains will be joined and form a single one. The next step is to pull one of the charms a little bit, and that’s it, we have a double necklace.

8. Jazzing up shirts

Shirts are a basic garment in our closet, but many times, we don’t know how to wear them so they don’t look boring. A good trick is to button it all the way up and put a thick necklace below the neck to give it life. You could also give it a different touch by using a thin ribbon and tying a bow at the collarbone.

9. Wide-waisted jeans

Many women have a hard time when buying jeans because, while they fit well on the hips, they are too wide at the waist. This is a common situation that can be easily solved: just use the button as a means to shorten the waist, pass it behind the nearest belt loop and point it as usual. In this way, we can make the jeans fit us better.

10. Turning a shirt into a V-neck shirt

While we already know that we can open the collar of a shirt and wear it with a V-neckline, sometimes it is very difficult to keep everything in place because the collar tends to close, bend, and even wrinkle. A good hack is to stick some double-sided tape on the upper chest, so we fix both sides of the collar. This way, it probably won’t move at all.

What other novel fashion tips do you recommend using to solve these common issues? Do you think that neatness in a person’s image helps them obtain better results in society?


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