10 Startling Disney Theories That Crush Everything We Knew to Bits

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Some people believe in the theory that Disney has created a huge universe in which all of the stories they tell us take place. This means that all of the stories and characters can be somehow connected, and fans love to look for them, giving a great meaning to all of the Easter eggs. A lot of theories have been discussed, and some of them are so mind-blowing and convincing that you start to think that everything is not really that easy in the Disney universe.

Bright Side has collected some interesting fan theories about our favorite Disney movies that are definitely worth considering.

1. Rapunzel is Anna and Elsa’s cousin.

In Frozen, Anna and Elsa’s parents are shipwrecked and never come back. One of the movie’s directors, Jennifer Lee, once said that they were going to a wedding, this gave fans a good reason to think that the wedding they were going to was Rapunzel’s.

The action in Frozen takes place 3 years after the shipwreck and the wedding. Tangled was released on November 24th 2010, exactly 3 years before Frozen, which was released on November 27th 2013.

Since Rapunzel then appeared at Elsa’s coronation, fans are sure that they really might actually be related — specifically, that Rapunzel’s mother is Anna and Elsa’s father’s sister.

2. Tarzan is Anna and Elsa’s brother.

Fans have gone even further than in the previous theory. What if Anna and Elsa’s parents didn’t die on the ship? Fans suggest that they were washed ashore in the jungle, built a tree house, and had another baby. Sound familiar? Yes, because the baby is assumed to be Tarzan.

It really is possible, because it was mentioned that Tarzan’s parents were shipwrecked too. Moreover, fans just can’t get over the fact that Tarzan’s parents really remind them of Anna and Elsa’s parents. If this is true, the princesses have a little brother. By the way, one of the Frozen directors, Chris Buck, believes in this theory himself.

3. Aladdin takes place in the future.

Though it looks like everything that happens in Aladdin takes place in ancient times, some fans suggest that it’s really happening in the distant future, in a post-apocalyptic world.

Genie mentions in the movie that he had been inside the lamp for 10,000 years. Every time Genie does his magic and jokes, he references twentieth-century culture. But how could he know about it if the current time is long before all of those things existed? Fans think that he was outside the lamp in the twentieth century, which means that the action in Agrabah takes place in at least the year 11901 CE.

4. Robin Hood takes place in medieval Zootopia.

Zootopia shows us a world where humans have never existed, and there are only a couple of other movies like that in Disney’s repertoire: Robin Hood and The Lion King. However, The Lion King does have primates, whereas Zootopia surprisingly does not have this kind of animal at all — and that is an amazing way of removing any hint of human existence or even its possibility.

Another similarity is that in both movies there is a class difference between predators and prey. All in all, the Robin Hood world really could be the base for the future Zootopia.

5. Ursula is Ariel’s aunt.

When Ursula is introduced in the movie for the first time, she mentions that, “In my day, we had fantastical feasts, when I lived in the palace.” So how could she live in the palace if she isn’t King Triton’s sister? Although no one knows for sure how Ursula, who used to be a mermaid, turned into an octopus, fans do have some suggestions.

Remember that time when Ursula turned into a girl named Vanessa to prevent Ariel from fulfilling the deal? Perhaps that was her original appearance.

Fans think that since Ursula couldn’t become the Queen, she decided to get her power in other ways: for example, by marrying some prince on the land. However, it didn’t work out — moreover, the humans found out she was a mermaid and started to hunt for them, which caused Ariel mom’s death. Because of that, Triton exiled her, then Ursula got really angry and changed her appearance.

6. Peter Pan is an angel who guides dead children to heaven.

Have you ever thought about how the Lost Boys don’t grow up in Neverland? Well, some fans assume that it’s not because Neverland some magical place, but because the boys just can’t grow up anymore since they’re all dead. Peter Pan is thought to be an angel who takes the souls of dead children to heaven and takes care of them.

The original story the movie is based on even has a line that can actually point at it: “To die will be an awfully big adventure.”

7. Genie is the merchant.

Fans just can’t get over the similarities between the merchant, who is telling the story in Aladdin, and Genie. They both wear blue clothes with a red bands around their waists, they have similar eyebrows and a beard with a curl. Moreover, they are the only 2 characters in the movie who have only 4 fingers and were actually both voiced by Robin Williams.

So, fans suggest that after Genie was finally freed, he became a traveler who sells stuff and retells his story over and over again. Otherwise, how could he know everything that happened?

8. Snow White really died.

Some fans suggest that the kiss that woke up Snow White, didn’t really wake her. They assume that the Prince represents Death, who has come to take her to the afterlife. Sounds pretty reasonable, but there’s one more thing: just look at the castle they’re going to — it’s glowing and is in the sky.

9. Jane is Belle’s granddaughter.

It all starts with the tea set that is shown in Tarzan, that is exactly the same as the one in Beauty and the Beast. We know that after the curse was broken, everyone was turned back into humans and there was no tea pot anymore — however, Belle and Adam could’ve just made a similar tea pot as a reminder. Fans think that since Jane has this family heirloom, she is a descendant of Belle and Adam.

Just look at how similar Jane and Belle are: they have similar faces, brown hair, and wear similar yellow dresses. Both of their fathers are little weird and the men they fell in love with are wildish. Even the fact that Belle is French and Jane is English has never confused their fans: the action of Beauty and the Beast takes place before the French Revolution, after which Belle and Adam, who are aristocrats, or their descendants could’ve fled to England and settled there.

10. Rapunzel will stay young forever.

In Tangled, the Queen gets sick during her pregnancy and drinks a magic flower potion that grants constant youth in order to get better. So Rapunzel was born with growing hair that can heal people and prevent aging. But what if there’s more? Some magic was in her hair, but fans suggest that it just couldn’t completely disappear after her hair was cut. They think that the magic stayed within her, and Rapunzel stopped aging at the age of 18.

Which of these theories you believe in? Do you know any other crazy theories about Disney movies? Shake our worlds in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


How about Snow White is the Beast's mother? Think about it: Snow White and her husband made no bones about her past when they were raising their young son. She impressed on him early the importance of not allowing strangers into the castle, especially when he was in charge. After all, she knew full well that an old woman selling apples wasn't necessarily all she seemed. Well, one night, when the prince was eleven, she and her husband were called away and while they left him in the care of servants, they made it plain that as prince, his word was to be honored and obeyed as much as possible. That night there was a knock on the palace door and the young prince found an old woman on his doorstep pleading for a night's lodging. She offered him a rose in payment, but of course he knew better than to fall for THAT scam. Or so he believed...
I have heard that Boo from Monsters, Inc. is the witch from Brave
The witch from Brave magically disappears when she goes through doorways — something the scarers from Monsters, Inc. can do, too. Is it possible Boo learned a trick or two from her bestie Sulley? Brave takes place hundreds of years before Monsters, Inc. — but if Boo can teleport through doors, it would make sense that she can also move through time a bit. Check out the carvings in the witch's workshop — there's a carving of Sulley in there, even though he won't exist for a few more centuries.
Comment with image on Bright Side
The theory about Tarzan actually sounds reasonable! I got shivers when I read it ?

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