10+ Things We Didn’t Know We Have Been Using Wrong

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2 years ago

You might have been using the blue button on the hairdryer for the wrong purpose or maybe your travel pillow didn’t feel very comfortable. This is because sometimes we don’t exactly know how to use some products in the right way and finding out will make things a lot easier for all of us.

We at Bright Side stumbled upon everyday products that actually had a different purpose and we wanted to share what we found with all of you.

1. Travel pillows actually go in front and it’s more comfortable this way.

2. The lines on the Solo plastic cups are to measure a serving size.

3. To add a new key to your key rings, use a staple remover. Wedge it between the coils and it will be easier to slide your new key on.

4. “15 years of driving and I just realized there is a gas cap holder.”

5. “The blue button on hairdryers isn’t meant for cooling yourself off when you get hot... it’s for setting your hairstyles.”

6. The elongated packets should be broken in half above the cup. It’s easier to get the sugar out and you won’t have little pieces of paper flying all around.

7. “You can make those rectangular Chinese takeout holders into plates.”

8. The 2-sided cotton pads are for different uses. The soft side is for removing makeup. The embossed side is for removing nail polish.

9. The shopping carts’ loops are for hanging bags after you pass the checkout. This is to give you more space inside the cart.

10. The hole at the bottom of a padlock is to pour engine oil or any other type of oil in case the lock gets stuck.

11. You have most likely used the wrong plunger for a toilet. The toilet plunger has a cup with a soft flap.

12. This is the proper way to store your mac charger and to increase its longevity.

Which one of these seemed the most surprising? Which one would you start practicing daily? Do you know of other products that can be used differently and be even more productive?

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9. - Why would I need for my groceries to be dangling in fron ot my feet, while walking to my car? More empty space after checkout for what? Air?


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