10+ Things Worth Buying Even If They Seem Too Expensive

3 years ago

There is nothing more important than respecting yourself. How often do we ignore our own interests and needs and buy something that our husbands, children, cats, and dogs want? We keep saying to ourselves, “I don’t really need these boots, maybe I’ll get them later.” Look, it is really important to treat yourself every once in a while, because if you don’t, very soon, life might become far less enjoyable.

We at Bright Side are convinced that if you reconsider your priorities and stop being cheap about yourself, you can bring happiness back into your life.

Don’t be cheap when it comes to your hobbies.

Hobbies are a great way to rest and express yourself. They give us the necessary element of play, even when we are adults. And there are so many examples of situations where a hobby got out of control and evolved into a successful business. So, if there is something you love doing, it should be a thing you are okay with spending money on, like paying the bills and buying food.

  • For some reason, my husband doesn’t like my hobby. It’s probably because I don’t have enough time to do things around the house because of it. Do people still think that women’s hobbies include cleaning the house? © Kulebyka.bla / Pikabu
  • Being cheap when it comes to myself is not buying something that would make me happy. For example, I have a pair of jeans. I also have one more extra pair I can wear if the first pair is dirty and I need to wash them. I will only buy the next pair when the first 2 are absolutely impossible to wear any more. I love embroidery and I wanted to create something, but I couldn’t find a manual for it. So, I ordered a manual that cost like €200 and the materials were about €200. I’m going to have to spend €300 more soon. And I don’t regret it at all. I’ve had so much fun! © nika_moj_nik / Livejournal
  • My husband and I have a shared budget, but of course we have our own personal credit cards, so we can buy things we want without asking each other. And I also think that the more rules and regulations there are, the more lies and scandals there will be. © Yumika / Pikabu

Don’t be cheap when buying a hairbrush.

You can go to the best hairdresser, use the best hair dyes, and use only the highest-quality shampoos but none of that will matter if you use a cheap hairbrush. A good hairbrush has to be smooth, otherwise, the hair will get damaged every time you use it. And the material of the brush should be chosen according to your hair type. For example, if you have curly hair, you need a brush with bristles that are different lengths, and if you have more oily hair at the roots, you need a wooden comb.
More than that, you need to have different brushes for different situations: a massage brush to prevent hair loss, a silicone brush for when you dry your hair with a hairdryer. By the way, experts claim that brushing your hair right after washing is a very bad thing. Hair gets damaged way less if it’s dry and the brush should have big natural or plastic bristles.

  • When you’re choosing a hairbrush, you should not only base your choice on the material being used, but also on the specific characteristics. If you need to untangle long hair, you need a silicone brush, and if you have curly hair, use a plastic one. A good brush has to have smooth bristles in order to not do any damage. Also, make sure you clean your brush often enough.© Ramona Koko / Thequestion

Don’t be cheap when it comes to your essential wardrobe.

When you buy all those black blouses, simple T-shirts, turtlenecks, and dresses, don’t even think about being cheap. These are the clothes you’re going to wear most of the time. And some pieces may even be in your wardrobe for years. These essentials are a good investment because they are always in style. So, your overall look has to be based on good quality clothes made of good fabrics.

  • Choose classic patterns and shapes that won’t quickly go in and out of fashion. And choose quality garments only. It’s better to buy fewer but better and you’ll be able to combine these clothes with different accessories. It is worth choosing clothes that are well-made, with quality fabrics, that remain in good condition despite being reused over and over again. © Daiana Brojt / Quora

Don’t be cheap when it comes to the clothes you wear at home.

Very often, when they are at home, people wear clothes they can’t throw away but also can’t wear outside anymore. All these clothes that don’t look good anymore affect our self-esteem and the attitude of the people who live with us. The same goes for underwear. When we choose the more expensive styles, we don’t just treat ourselves, we take good care of our bodies.

This is the opinion of psychologists and there is no reason to not believe it. It is okay to wear simple and comfortable clothes, but they shouldn’t be old. When you wear good clothes at home, you give your brain a signal that you deserve the best all the time: at work, on the way home, when doing the dishes — at all times. So, when we wear good-looking and comfortable clothes at home, we do it for ourselves.

  • I don’t understand how people can be cheap when it comes to themselves. I will never wear anything bad or old just because I can’t throw it away. I will throw it away and buy something new, specifically to wear at home. © nathalyru / Livejournal
  • I stopped wearing my home clothes when I started working from home more. Because very often you can spend the entire day wearing pajamas. So, I wear my regular clothes at home, maybe fewer dresses, but a lot of jeans. © mahusia / Livejournal
  • The times when women used to wear old, stained clothes at home are in the past. You should be beautiful at home for yourself, your children, and your husband. Do you really think your husband remembers you as that beautiful lady in high heels or in a dress? Nah, he remembers you the way you look every day at home. And it’s up to you what image of you is in your husband’s mind. © olga_krav4enko / Livejournal

Don’t be cheap when it comes to books.

Good books are where we can find answers to the questions that concern us. We can draw inspiration for something from them. Good literature can help you develop your vocabulary with new words and expressions.
Also, books help us relax. The mechanisms used by our brain to understand the plot are the same used in real life: when we read about a character holding a rope, the part of the brain responsible for holding something is active. So, when reading, we not only get smarter, but we also learn to be compassionate. This is why people that read a lot of fiction books have the best communicative skills — they understand what others feel or think better than most.

  • When a person writes a book, they transfer all of the expertise they acquired through a long career and tons of research. And then they summarize all of that in a book which could be transferred to you in 6–9 hours of reading. Peter Thiel’s Silicon Valley experience can be learned through reading Zero to One in 6 hours. Everything Sam Walton learned in creating Walmart can be studied by buying, Made in America, a $5 dollar book written by him. Ray Croc’s findings, struggles, and strategies in creating the McDonald’s empire can be mastered by reading his $3 book Grinding It Out. Do not save money on books, they provide massive returns! © Anshul Aashish / Quora
  • In my opinion, books are something to never cheap out on. It doesn’t matter what they are: novels or literature. My father always says the biggest investment that you can make is in yourself. And that is by building up the reservoir of your knowledge, and then gaining more and more. © Vandana Miglani / Quora

Don’t be cheap on house decor.

There is a reason why Marie Kondo, the world-famous Japanese consultant on decluttering the house, thinks that real life starts only after people make their homes a comfortable place to be. And it’s not about having a lot of things at home, it’s about them being in the right places and making their owner happy. Fill your room with the stuff that makes you happy. Candles, lamps, and other decorative elements need to be in harmony with your room and make your home cozy.

  • Home is the one place where you rest at the end of the day. It is a proven fact that the colors and decor you choose has a major impact on your mood. Buying cheap stuff at the dollar shop regularly won’t cut it. © Hirak Bhayani / Quora

Don’t skimp on bed linens.

It’s very bad to skimp on bed linens and it’s not about their appearance. For example, you have a good mattress and a good pillow, but it’s the linen that actually touches your skin. A low thread count can feel itchy on your skin, bad fabrics may cause allergic reactions, and some parasites may appear depending on the fabric. Something that feels nice, soft, and something that allows for air ventilation can’t be cheap. And it’s possible to have just one set — you need to change your bed sheets every 10 days.

  • I will spend a third of my life sleeping. In all likelihood, so will you. Everything that enhances that experience is useful to me. A great bed, luxurious pillows, and a good comforter, along with the finest bed sheets and pillow covers that money can buy. Even though the initial spend might be large, when you divide the number of hours of usage over the life of the product (these things typically last a long time), they are not expensive at all. That third of your life will be spent in the ultimate comfort if you follow my lead. © Garrick Saito / Quora

Don’t buy cheap watches.

A watch is an accessory that shows the taste of the owner. Classic watches are still very popular even though there are lots of different fitness trackers. A good watch can be used for decades and never look out of style. Also, if you wear something you like, it will add that bit of happiness all of us need.

  • Cheap analog watches: You don’t have to buy a Rolex or a Cartier. Buy mid-priced watches priced between $100-250. They have good mechanisms, are good quality, and will last a lifetime. © Bramma S / Quora
  • All watches show the same time... Agreed, but good expensive watches continue to show the time long after your cheap alternatives die out. A good expensive watch is an asset and must be treated as such. © Bhaskar Ganguly / Quora

Don’t be cheap when it comes to your teeth.

The condition of your teeth can give away your financial situation. Sometimes, the prices for the treatment of teeth are crazy, but you can’t just neglect them. A high price for the services of dentists shows that these professionals are good and that they have all the necessary equipment.

Beautiful teeth will make you more confident. You should visit a dentist at least once every 6 months in order not to have to cover your mouth every time you smile. Problems like bad breath, cavities, and other teeth-related issues diminish all your efforts to look good. Some women think that clothes are more important, but they aren’t. A great smile is more valuable than any outfit in the world.

Don’t be cheap when it comes to your rest.

Every person needs a good rest — this is a great way to take a load off your shoulders and restore your inner energy. But in order for your vacation to be really effective, you have to spend it the way you want. Don’t buy a trip to an ancient city if you don’t feel like exploring it. Don’t go to Paris if all you want is to spend a week outside of town in nature. Don’t lie to yourself and don’t look at the Instagram photos — get the rest you want, even if other people don’t think this is the coolest way to do it.

  • For me, a perfect vacation doesn’t have to be near the sea. It’s important for me to be with my family. I actually like traveling around the country. © Sophia Frolova / Thequestion
  • I went abroad to the sea for 2 weeks with one backpack and a camera. I’m coming back tomorrow and I can say it was probably the best vacation of my entire life. © Podslushano / Vk

Don’t be cheap when it comes to the little things.

The bad mood of a woman comes at a very big cost, so you have to take very good care of your mood and treat yourself once in a while: make spontaneous purchases and experience new things — go to the movies, attend concerts of the bands you love, and go on vacations when you need them.

Psychologists believe that if you experience little, everyday limitations, you destroy your personality and you become a victim.

  • Buying something you want right now is a good thing. Don’t be cheap on pleasant things, for example, I don’t even need a lot of things to be happy. The French have a word entretien which means “maintaining your condition.” These are the things you should spend money on. Otherwise, it will cost you much more in the future. © fellici / Livejournal
  • When you are cheap on yourself, you damage your self-esteem and many days seem blank when you live this way. Girls, do something nice for yourselves. Do something you don’t normally do. Please, do it, because you only live once. © natalia_korobko / Livejournal
  • Many years ago, a person I trust and value told me, “Don’t be cheap, earn more!” By the way, it’s not about saving money, it’s about being smart about what you buy. Being smart about what you wear means being rational about every purchase you make. © Elena Shipilova / Thequestion

Tell us about the things that you are never cheap on! Share your opinions in the comment section below!


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I find cheap watches a good option when you are just looking for a one off deal or simply wear them underneath a jacket just as fashion. Of course a real nice watch looks better.. but I can't afford it ?


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