10 Times Celebrities Set an Example for Each of Us

9 months ago

In this cruel world, how many times do we come across genuine acts of kindness? Being kind is a choice that we make despite our gender, class or status. No matter if you’re a big name or some unknown person in the world, a kind heart always wins. In the words of the Dalai Lama, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”

At Bright Side, we’re in awe at the acts of kindness done by the following famous celebrities. They didn’t bother with anything else and managed to put smiles on the faces of people concerned. Take a look for yourself.

1. Jennifer Aniston picking up dog poop

Here she is, Jennifer Aniston, helping an old lady pick up her dog’s poop. Now, how much more kind-heartedness can you expect from her?

2. Zach Galifianakis doesn’t forget old friends.

When Zach was just a struggling actor, he made friends with a lady named Mimi. After his flick, The Hangover became a super-hit, his visits with his old mates lessened. However, when he learned that his old friend Mimi, who used to work at Fox Laundry, was homeless and suffering from a financial crisis, he immediately came to her rescue. He bought her an apartment to live in and took care of her rent and utilities.

He also used to take her to premiers of his movies and people often mistook her for his girlfriend.

3. Tom Hanks at his wackiest

This man at a pizza outlet wanted to have some wacky pictures taken with Tom Hanks, and guess what? Hanks obliged and the photographs say the rest.

4. Lady Gaga saw no differences.

Seeing a homeless and sad-looking man on the street, Lady Gaga went up to him, gave him a flower and posed for a picture with him. The man said, “But I smell,” to which lady Gaga replied, “Don’t worry, so do I.” Can you imagine the feelings this man must have had during this moment?

5. Dave Grohl’s concern for the trapped men

Although they were in a tense situation, 2 Australian miners still had enough life and willpower left in them when they got trapped in a mine. What they asked for was an iPod with music by the Foo Fighters to be sent to them, perhaps to keep them calm. And it was sent too, with a special note from Dave Grohl himself saying, “I want you to know that when you come home, there are 2 tickets to any Foo’ Fighters’ show, anywhere, and 2 cold beers waiting for you, deal?” Now, could there be any better way to cheer up these 2 guys who were fighting death at that moment?

6. When Marcus Cannon gave a surprise visit

The guy in the picture here with Cannon is a Patriots superfan and gave Cannon a Lombardi trophy replica. In return, Cannon paid a surprise visit to the hardware store where this boy worked and also brought along the trophy and the Patriots jacket to show to him.

7. Miley Cyrus made her fan’s wish come true.

This Miley Cyrus fan invited the singer to come to prom with him. But Miley couldn’t make it so she invited him to one of her concerts instead. And what’s more, is she arranged to take a “prom picture” with him. His wish was finally granted!

8. Angelina Jolie’s concern for a fan

When Angelina Jolie saw this lady struggling and having a panic attack in a room full of people just to get a glimpse of her, she fought security who was trying to get her out. What Angelina did next will never be forgotten by this lady or anyone watching. Jolie stayed back and made sure that the woman was ok. Jolie made her more comfortable by wiping away her tears and even took a selfie with her to cheer her up.

9. Jamie Foxx turned into a real hero.

If a car was burning outside a celebrity’s house, what would you expect them to do? Jamie Foxx didn’t spare any time and immediately rushed to rescue the trapped man in the car. He risked his life and saved the man successfully. The picture above is of that man’s father who had no words to express his gratitude toward Foxx.

10. Taylor Swift has a heart of gold.

Delaney was suffering from cancer and her one wish was to meet Taylor Swift. Taylor made no delays and visited her and her family. This was sometime before Christmas, and Taylor spent the whole day with her family taking selfies and making Delaney feel good.

Haven’t all these stories warmed your heart? All these celebrities definitely deserve a round of applause. Do share this article if you too have encountered such acts of kindness by a famous person.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s children, despite their parents’ preference for privacy, are growing into their own unique individuals. Maddox, the eldest, studies at Yonsei University in South Korea, while Pax pursues photography. Zahara dreams of becoming a supermodel, Shiloh is an LGBTQ+ idol, and twins Knox and Vivienne are exploring acting.


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Wow...loved the story of Lady Gaga! We definitely need to see more kindness in the world! Which story inspired you?


I had to! There are many many more stories. He had such a good heart!!

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Ohh! Taylor's really nice. I love her song you belong with me! Anyone else?


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