10 Toxic Beauty Standards We Should Leave in the Past

5 months ago

Beauty is a dynamic and changing concept. However, some old and unrealistic standards still linger. It’s time to question these narrow ideals and celebrate the diversity of beauty that exists within each person. Join us as we examine and challenge 10 of the most damaging and outdated beauty norms that we need to let go of.

1. Having no stretch marks


Stretch marks are a natural result of our bodies growing and changing, but some people judge them unfairly. Instead of hiding them, we should celebrate stretch marks as signs of growth and resilience. They show the amazing transformations our bodies have experienced, whether from pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or simply aging.

They are proud marks of honor, reflecting our unique journey and personal strength.

2. Tight belly

Some women admit that they feel insecure about their stomachs not being flat. They try to lose their belly fat by following strict diets and doing intense workouts. However, doctors say that having a little bit of fat under the skin in this area is not a problem for a woman, but a sign of the body working properly.

3. Symmetric facial features

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Facial asymmetry is a normal part of human appearance, but some women feel insecure about it. To help them achieve a more balanced look, experts and cosmetologists recommend face-building exercises that can improve the shape and tone of facial muscles. However, it is important not to obsess over facial asymmetry, as most people do not notice it or find it attractive.

3. Plump lips


Many women love having plump lips. They also believe that thin lips show that the body is getting old. That’s why they want to make this part of their face bigger and more expressive. The most common way to do this is by using fillers made of hyaluronic acid.

But doctors say that doing this too often can damage the lips. The skin tissue will become loose and droopy because of the weight of the medicine that is injected. This will make the problem worse.

4. Ideal shapes

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Many people aspire to have an “hourglass” figure with a slim waist, balanced shoulders, and hips. They admire those who seem to have this shape naturally while feeling unhappy about their genetics.

However, stylists believe any body type can look great with the right clothing choices. For example, girls with wide hips can balance their proportions by wearing tops that draw attention to their upper bodies. Or, if they have long legs, they can opt for pants that flare out at the bottom and pair them with flat shoes.

5. An even complexion

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Many girls aspire to have flawless facial complexions. Countless products in the market, such as makeup foundation and concealer, and professional peels in cosmetology clinics, that promise to cover up any blemishes and even out the skin tone.

However, it’s important to note that some forms of pigmentation are not caused by external factors but by internal ones: genetic makeup, cellular structure, and hormonal levels. These types of pigmentation may be resistant to any treatments.

6. Thick brows

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Many women desire thick and natural-looking brows in the 2020s, but not everyone has them naturally. Fortunately, the beauty industry offers various makeup solutions for those who want to enhance their brows, such as laminating and tattooing.

7. Eternal youth

Many women dread the signs of aging, such as wrinkles around the eyes, expression lines, and the first strands of gray hair. However, scientists advise not to stress too much about this issue as a person’s control over the biological clock is limited.

The reason is that aging is influenced not only by environmental factors and self-care practices but also by genetic factors and overall health. Celebrities show, with their examples, that aging can vary from person to person, and it is equally beautiful in all cases.

8. Wrinkle-free face

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Some people think that nasolabial folds make a woman look unhappy and older than she is. Girls resort to Botox injections and fillers to erase these signs of aging. However, these procedures can take away what nature has given women — their natural beauty and uniqueness.

9. Curvy body

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Another possible way to rephrase the paragraph is:

Many women today aspire to have curvy figures like Jennifer Lopez. They don’t realize that the perfect shape is not only about the outcome of intense workouts but also about body structure and muscle tone.

Physiotherapists say that a “flat shape” is not a sign of laziness but a result of the so-called sleeping muscles that prevent women from achieving their ideal shape. Experts suggest doing more stretching and walking to activate their muscles.

However, some people think that there is no need to stress about it at all.

  • Most people care about the overall package, not each individual part. Very few people sit and examine each individual body part on their partner to make sure that each part is perfect. © Sarah Lynn Johnson / Quora

10. Belly-button nose

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Many girls dream of having the ideal nose that many plastic surgeons are crafting today. Many of them fall for the imposed stereotype so blindly that they ignore that a distinctive nose is not a defect but a unique feature each of us has. And celebrities embrace it.

Actress Lea Michele is an example of it. She says she loves every inch of her body, including her prominent nose bridge and a hooked tip.

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