10 Types of Fashionable Shoes That Are Not As Cool As They Look

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Not only fashionable, but even many familiar types of shoes often turn out to be impractical. Buying them can be not only a waste of money, but they can also cause health problems.

1. White sneakers

To keep white shoes looking nice, you have to clean them regularly to remove stains and dust. And this seems like a normal thing to do. But when it comes to snow-white sneakers, it turns out that keeping them tidy is not that easy. Some experts suggest replacing white shoes with more practical ones. While fashionistas in general believe that white sneakers look "cheap."

2. Patent leather shoes

Patent leather shoes are subject to wear and tear and may crack. To extend its service life, it's recommended to lubricate the leather with special moisturizing agents. Or opt for similar models but without patent leather.

3. Slippers

Slippers and sandals don't provide the necessary support to feet. Wearing them can lead to sprains and subsequently tendonitis, an inflammation of the tendons.

A better option can be sandals that have an ankle strap. They will provide better foot stability during long walks. Doctors also recommend choosing models with soles that bend only below the toes, but not in the middle.

4. Tie-around sandals

Tie-around sandals with metal fittings look sophisticated and spectacular in the photo, but sometimes they are not really comfortable because the feet in them are not fixed properly. And stability and tight fastening in the ankle are important, especially if the shoes have a heel.

5. Wedge shoes

The stiff soles of wedge shoes often interfere with the natural movement of the feet when walking. The situation can be particularly unfortunate when the heel is raised much higher than the toe. This puts additional pressure on the metatarsal bones.

To reduce the pressure, opt for shoes with a more narrow platform. This will ease the pressure on the pads of the foot a little.

6. Clogs

In 2024, clogs are making a triumphant return to fashion. And while many people are excited about the variety of types of these shoes, it might be worth thinking twice before buying them. The fact is that they can cause backpain, and sometimes wear and tear on the joints and even ingrown toenails. Therefore, it's best not choose models with too high heels and platforms.

7. Fabric espadrilles

Fabric shoes get dirty quickly and lose their shape. Fabric espadrilles are a typical example. Experts even suggest taking espadrilles a size smaller, because they will stretch over time. These shoes can be useful on holiday or in a warm climate, but their leather counterparts will still be more reliable.

8. Heavyweight sneakers

Many people wear sandals during summer. But sometimes walking in closed shoes can be just as comfortable.

The main thing is to choose them right. For example, it’s worth avoiding shoes made of dense synthetic or waterproof materials. They can save your feet from external moisture, for example, when it rains, but will retain unwanted sweat.

9. Metallic shoes

Although metallic shoes are in fashion and look well with any clothes, think twice before buying a pair like this. First, shoes like this quickly lose relevance. And second, this coating can be easily damaged with scratches and these cool shoes won’t look that cool anymore.

10. Shoes with embellishments

Often, rhinestones or other small embellishments start to fall off. And this may ruin the entire look of your shoes. If you still want something spectacular, you can try models of bright colors. For example, trendy colored sneakers.

And here are a few mistakes you may be making when choosing underwear.

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