10 Key Things Men Can Use to Instantly Steal Women’s Hearts

Developing feelings for a man can start from little details and specific situations. Women usually have a sharp eye for these traits, whereas guys, in general, don’t even realize their magical powers. Even though the attraction between 2 people cannot be fully explained, there are some elements that surely facilitate it and make the other person highly appealing.

We at Bright Side are fascinated with the reasons that make female hearts flutter. That’s why we have gathered a list of things that women love to find when searching for “the one.”

1. Showing vulnerability and expressing emotions

Men most often think that they need to look macho and tough, but the truth is that sharing feelings and not being afraid to open up is what really draws women in. By revealing their sensitive side, they are allowing the other person to fully understand them, and this surely builds a deeper connection and a stronger bond between partners.

2. Being deeply passionate about something

Watching a man fully immersed in his favorite hobby is a fascinating experience. Whether he is restoring his car, painting, or playing pool, the fact that he deeply cares about something indicates that he has patience, can fully commit, and isn’t afraid to dive into the things he loves. Hobbies allow people to constantly improve upon themselves and stay in a healthy mindset, making them more reliable life partners.

3. Being a good listener

Catching her off guard with a small detail she had slipped in a conversation a few days earlier can be surprising and utterly uplifting. After all, a man who is a great listener is beyond appreciated, and recalling what his other half had brought up some time ago proves that he truly cares and that he is making his partner a priority.

4. A little sweat never hurt anyone.

There might be more to sweat than what we think. According to a study, men’s sweat contains a compound that modifies women’s hormonal levels, makes them feel more positive, increases their heart rate, and turns them on. So next time you’re perspiring, don’t sweat it — chances are this is good for the both of you.

5. Being meticulous about his appearance

Aside from the obvious fact that having a neat, clean, and put-together partner is pleasing to all the senses, a man that dedicates time to looking his best is very appreciated for many reasons. Having daily rituals and sticking to them means that the person can commit, is consistent, and isn’t lazy.

And most of all, if a guy is taking care of himself, this means that he knows his self-worth and loves who he is, therefore, he’s ready to build a solid bond with a partner. After all, to start a healthy relationship, both sides need to be comfortable in their own skin first.

6. Rolling up his sleeves

Men rolling up their button-ups is one of those mysterious things that make the majority of women swoon. For most females, there is something inexplicably irresistible in seeing a man’s forearms and veins. Perhaps a rolled-up sleeve subconsciously indicates that a man is not afraid of getting his hands dirty and being a provider. Whatever the real reason might be, from the looks of it, men should be making this style move more often.

7. Showing openness through his body language

You can tell so much about someone just by the way they sit and carry themselves around others. And throughout the centuries, women have mastered the art of reading men. According to a study, having a relaxed and expansive posture is a sign of openness, which is considered to be romantically appealing. So closed arms and crossed legs are a big no-no when it comes to the dating game.

8. Taking care of his 4-legged friends

He could just be casually walking his furry companion down the street, but this might be enough to attract women’s attention and pique their interest. According to the results of a study, men have more of a chance of getting a woman’s number when they are accompanied by their pet.

But this might not come as a surprise. In addition to pets being adorable, owning them is a huge responsibility and requires a lot of devotion and care. So this might be a good indication that the guy is ready to settle down and has a loving personality.

9. His eyes going soft when staring at her

We can’t deny that eyes can speak and express a ton of emotions. So it’s understandable that a man staring at you with a tender and loving gaze can be irresistible and make your knees weak. A large number of women revealed that even though their boyfriend might be clueless about it, this type of eye contact is enough to make them melt.

10. Knowing his way around the kitchen

The saying goes that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and many women agree that a man who cooks is a huge turn-on. There is something so undeniably appealing in watching your man try a new recipe or recreate his family’s famous lasagna dish. It’s a sign that he loves to take care of you, he wants to please you, and he’ll keep you satisfied — and no one would say no to those things.

Do you agree with all of the points listed above? Do you think we left anything out? We’d like to hear from you in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in August 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


5 is more the sign of a narcissist or someone who's deals with attachment anxiety and worries too much about what others think of his appearance. Keeping yourself presentable is one thing. Dedicating time to beauty rituals and being "meticulous" about yourself is egotistical fanaticism.
Maybe a little sweat doesn't matter, but it really destroys my confidence

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