10+ Unusual Items That Piqued Our Interest

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Surprisingly, more than 50% of women would consider using a female urinal in a public restroom. Throughout history, there have been many attempts to make this device widely available, but for some reason, they don’t seem to stick.

As an ode to all peculiar items and sightings, Bright Side went on a mission to find 18 of the most questionable ones, and here’s what we found.

1. “A urinal where women can stand and pee.”

2. “Behold...the jelmet”

3. “My grandparents have had this weird stool since I can remember.”

4. “I’m impressed by how someone could join those 2 cars together so precisely.”

5. “Chandelier headlights”

6. Chicken leg socks

7. “High tops, High heels, Hi — larious!”

8. “I guess they’d rather mop than vacuum.”

9. “My stepmom made a Bristol stool chart cake.”

10. “This really should not be a thing.”

11. “Where’s your bike, man??” --- “I dunno...I think I lobster.”

12. “Delivered a sculpture to this lady’s house and she was describing some fancy elegant chair she had just bought.”

13. “The heel of these heels are heels.”

14. If you’re ever looking for finger hands and finger hands for the fingers of the finger hands, don’t worry, they do exist:

15. “Worst slide ever”

16. “A Christmas tree made of pelicans”

17. “My sister found a Poop Tracking List/Diary at the thrift store.”

18. If the meaning of “I got eyes in the back of my head” needed a picture:

Would you like to try the urinal for women? If you had a Poop Tracking Diary, how would last week’s entry look for you? Let us know in the comments.


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